Requesting a Foundation app

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To request the addition of a Foundation app you will need to pull together a few basic pieces of information. A good example of how to request a Foundation app can be found here.

Github Request template

Create a new Github issue named FoundationApp: App Name and in the body paste and fill out this template:





**Icon Source:** ![relevant info](direct raw link)

**Icon Formatted:** ![optional](direct formatted link)

Summary of Fields

Each field should contain information as follows:

Name (required)

The common name of the application. This is typically one word

URL (required)

A link to the application homepage.

License (required)

The license the project is released under. This is not always easy to find but it is important

Summary (required)

A 140 character or less summary what the app does.

Icon Source (required)

A direct link to a high quality app icon in svg or png format. Ideally this link should be to a website, git or svn operated by the creators of the app so that we can accredit the source. Low quality icons are the most common reason for app inclusion to be rejected. If a direct link cannot be located alternate sources are acceptable if accompanied with an explanation where the image came from. The logo should be identical to the original project app logo. Color, border, merging or fanart alterations should not be made. If the app does not have artwork that meets the criteria then explain why here and ideally contact the app owners and request one/offer help.

Icon Formatted (optional)

This wiki page will give some more technical details but if you know how to format raw icon to the Heimdall specific dimensions you will increase the chances of a quick inclusion in the next version.

Alternatively for the more adventurous we encourage trying to create the Foundation app yourself using this wiki page as a guide and discord for community support.

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