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The team brings you another container release featuring easy user mapping and community support. Find us for support at:

  • IRC on freenode at
  • Podcast covers everything to do with getting the most from your Linux Server plus a focus on all things Docker and containerisation!


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Forked-Daapd (iTunes) media server with support for AirPlay devices, Apple Remote (and compatibles), Chromecast, MPD and internet radio.



docker create \
--name=daapd \
-v <path to data>:/config \
-v <path to music>:/music \
-e PGID=<gid> -e PUID=<uid>  \
--net=host \


The parameters are split into two halves, separated by a colon, the left hand side representing the host and the right the container side. For example with a port -p external:internal - what this shows is the port mapping from internal to external of the container. So -p 8080:80 would expose port 80 from inside the container to be accessible from the host's IP on port 8080 http://192.168.x.x:8080 would show you what's running INSIDE the container on port 80.

  • --net=host - must be run in host mode
  • -v /config - Where daapd server stores its config and dbase files.
  • -v /music - map to your music folder
  • -e PGID for GroupID - see below for explanation
  • -e PUID for UserID - see below for explanation

It is based on alpine linux with s6 overlay, for shell access whilst the container is running do docker exec -it daapd /bin/bash.

User / Group Identifiers

Sometimes when using data volumes (-v flags) permissions issues can arise between the host OS and the container. We avoid this issue by allowing you to specify the user PUID and group PGID. Ensure the data volume directory on the host is owned by the same user you specify and it will "just work" ™.

In this instance PUID=1001 and PGID=1001. To find yours use id user as below:

  $ id <dockeruser>
    uid=1001(dockeruser) gid=1001(dockergroup) groups=1001(dockergroup)

Setting up the application

Map your music folder, open up itunes on the same LAN to see your music there.

The web interface is available at http://<your ip>:3689

For further setup options of remotes etc, check out the daapd website, Forked-daapd.

Logs and shell

  • To monitor the logs of the container in realtime docker logs -f daapd.

  • Shell access whilst the container is running: docker exec -it daapd /bin/bash

  • container version number

docker inspect -f '{{ index .Config.Labels "build_version" }}' daapd

  • image version number

docker inspect -f '{{ index .Config.Labels "build_version" }}' linuxserver/daapd


  • 20.08.18: Rebase to alpine linux 3.8.
  • 09.06.18: Use buildstage and update dependencies.
  • 05.03.18: Use updated configure ac and disable avcodecsend to hopefully mitigate crashes with V26.
  • 25.02.18: Query version before pull and build latest release.
  • 03.01.18: Deprecate cpu_core routine lack of scaling.
  • 07.12.17: Rebase to alpine linux 3.7.
  • 03.12.17: Bump to 25.0, cpu core counting routine for faster builds, linting fixes.
  • 26.05.17: Rebase to alpine linux 3.6.
  • 06.02.17: Rebase to alpine linux 3.5.
  • 10.01.17: Bump to 24.2.
  • 14.10.16: Add version layer information.
  • 17.09.16: Rebase to alpine linux, remove redundant spotify support, move to main repository
  • 28.02.16: Add chromecast support, bump dependency versions.
  • 04.01.16: Disable ipv6 by default because in v23.4 it doesn't work in unraid with it set.
  • 17.12.15: Add in spotify support.
  • 25.11.15: Initial Release.