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Joyous is a reusable calendar application for Wagtail. Features include rrule based recurring events with cancellations and postponements; iCal import and export; Gcal export; event permissioning; and multi-site aware calendars.


Yet another demonstration Wagtail website code | live


Install the package.

$ pip install ls.joyous

Add ls.joyous and wagtail.contrib.modeladmin to your INSTALLED_APPS

    # ... etc ...


  • JOYOUS_HOLIDAYS: Observed holidays - e.g. NZ[WGN]
  • JOYOUS_GROUP_SELECTABLE: Enable group selection? False or True
  • JOYOUS_GROUP_MODEL: To swap out the group model
  • JOYOUS_TIME_INPUT: Prompt for 12 or 24 hour times


I am aiming to support the latest releases of Wagtail and Django. Older versions may be dropped without much notice. Let me know if that is a problem for you. Other versions may work - YMMV.

FYI: Django 2.1 is a definite minimum requirement.

Getting Help

Please report bugs or ask questions using the Issue Tracker.

Thanks To

Sauce Labs for their cross-browser testing platform.