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First of all, welcome to Tweetinvi. This documentation will give you a quick tour of the features in Tweetinvi.

A Twitter .NET C# library

Tweetinvi is a .NET C# library that allows developers to easily and reliably interact with Twitter. It gives you the opportunity to focus on the business logic of your application.

Tweetinvi is available github and on nuget:

Install-Package TweetinviAPI

Hello World

Tweetinvi has been designed to be simple to use. Once you have set up your credentials, you can use all the methods available in the library.

Here is the code to publish 'Hello World' on your Timeline.

// Set up your credentials (

// Publish the Tweet "Hello World" on your Timeline
Tweet.PublishTweet("Hello World!");

The Tweetinvi Principles

The goal of Tweetinvi is to be "super easy" to use. We want developers to be able to implement complex features in a single line!

Here are some principles that we consider for everything we do.

  • "Simplicity". We strive for making the library easy to use. To do so we provide various tools to help you, and we extract meaningful information from Twitter.
  • "Easy to Read". Tweetinvi allows its users to write fluent code. We regularly ask for non-developers to read the code and verify that they can understand what it does without comments.
  • "Short to write". Developers using Tweetinvi have to be able to perform complex operations with a very small amount of code.


Tweetinvi is a C# library that can target the .NET Framework 4.0.

Tweetinvi can be used in .NETCore projects (library, console and ASPNET).

Tweetinvi is a 100% Portable Class Library (PCL). It means that the entire library is compatible with every version of Mono above 4.5.

Here are some systems that you can target:

  • Linux with Mono
  • iOS with Xamarin
  • Android with Xamarin
  • Windows: Windows 10; Windows 8; Windows 7; Windows Vista
  • Windows Phone 8 and 8.1
  • Windows RT.

Supported Twitter APIs

At the current time the library allows developers to interact with:

We are in the process of verifying the compatibility of the library with the Twitter Ads API.

We will also consider implementing Gnip in some future release.


Tweetinvi uses a few third-party portable class libraries.