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Linx Samples Library

  1. System Integrations
  2. Backend Automations
  3. API's and microservices
  4. Utilities

System Integrations

Repo Description Linx Versions
CloudConvert Bulk convert files from and to a variety of formats 5
Copper CRM Manage users, people and opportunities using Copper CRM 5
Email to Slack Monitor GMail accounts and post incoming messages on Slack 5, 6
GitHub Repos Manage Github repositories 5, 6
Microsoft Graph Access data from Microsoft Cloud Services 5
Optimo-Route Create and retreive orders from OptimoRoute 5
Salesforce Accounts Create and manage Salesforce accounts 5
Salesforce Jobs Create and manage Salesforce jobs 5
Sharpspring Get leads and events from SharpSpring 5, 6
Shopify Receive event notifications from Shopify stores 5

Backend Automations

Repo Description Linx Versions
Camunda Workflow Use workflow engines to manage state 5
GitHub Commits Retrieve Github commit activity and notify stakeholders via email 5, 6
GitHub/Slack Monitor Github repos and send Slack messages about commits and issues 5, 6
GoogleDrive Manage and sync GoogleDrive files and meta data 5, 6
Linux Servers Use PuTTY to send commands to Linux machines 5
Telegram Bot Automatically respond to Telegram messages 6

API's and microservices

Repo Description Linx Versions
Linx-OAuth token service Securely generate and store OAuth 2.0 access tokens 5
RealWorld App A Linx backend for the RealWorld demo 5, 6
REST Unixtime Converter Convert Unixtimestamps to DateTime objects and vice versa 5, 6
SignalR chat Update web apps in real-time 5, 6
Static site backend Build secure HTML web apps with JS and REST 5, 6
Swagger Petstore A Linx backend for the Petstore demo 5, 6


Repo Description Linx Versions
Generating PDF Reports Personalise text using models and Razor templates 5
Generating Random String Generate random strings 6
Populating docx Replace content in .docx files 6

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