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some useful function for css by sass syntax or less syntax
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What is this?

some useful css functions which sass syntax and less syntax. You can download and import to your project, each function has corresponding example. check it in example folder.

How to Run

  1. install sass and less globally

    npm install -g sass

    npm install -g less

  2. cd example

    cd example

  3. Run the sass or less compiler

    sass --watch sass.scss:sass.css


feature moduleName scss less
vertical & horizontal & both center _center
clear fix _clearfix
ellipse text _ellipsis
gradient background _gradient
hidden scroll bar(only webkit engine) _noScroll
draw the 0.5px or full border with 1px _onePxBorder
px unit transform to rem unit _px2rem
draw triangle for all directions _triangle
retina screen compatible _retina


Almost syntax for scss and less are the same, but someone maybe is different, eg. px2rem.

In the scss, you can transfer singer px attribute to rem as: margin: px2rem(10px);,

Buy with less syntax, it will change to this: margin: 10/@toRem;

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