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2016-10-31  HAYASI Hideki <linxs@linxs.org>

Welcome to the xdwlib source release

Xdwlib is a DocuWorks library for Python.

This document provides some general information about xdwlib source
release and provides links to other documents.

General xdwlib information is available at https://launchpad.net/xdwlib/.
Japanese document is also available at http://xdwlib.linxs.org/.

Report problems with this release to xdwlib@linxs.org.


(C) 2010 HAYASI Hideki

Xdwlib is provided under The Zope Public License (ZPL) Version 2.1,
which is included in 'LICENSE'.  Send your feedback about the license
to xdwlib@linxs.org.


System Requirements

    - Microsoft Windows (versions compatible with DocuWorks 7 and 8)

    - Python 3.3+ (32bit)  (64bit version is not tested)

    - DocuWorks 7.0+ (Japanese version; English version is not tested)

Install from archive

Set PATH environment variable properly and issue the following command::

    python3 setup.py install

This will install xdwlib in $PYTHONPATH/xdwlib.

Install from PyPI

Xdwlib is also delivered via Python Package Index (PyPI).  The latest
version of xdwlib will be installed by issuing::

    pip3 install xdwlib

If you have installed older version of xdwlib already, try::

    pip3 install --upgrade xdwlib

Optional Modules

PIL (Python Imaging Library)

Xdwlib has been working with PIL (Python Imaging Library) if available,
to rotate pages for desired degrees other than right angles, and to copy
bitmap annotations.  Unfortunately the original PIL has not been ported
on Python 3 yet.

There is an alternative library called `Pillow` which will be a good
substitution.  Install Pillow by issuing::

    pip3 install pillow


The attached command line tool ``xdw2text.py`` can be compiled to .exe
with cx_Freeze package, a popular successor of py2exe.  To build your
own ``xdw2text.exe``, try::

    pip3 install cx_Freeze
    python3 setup.py build

If you find any difficulties during installation of cx_Freeze on Python
3.5+, check::


Typical Use

The following code will appy OCR and paste a date stamp on every page
as an annotation::

    import time

    from xdwlib import xdwopen, Point


    with xdwopen(PATHNAME, autosave=True) as doc:
        position = Point(pg.size - 100, pg.size - 20)
        datestamp = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
        for pg in doc:
            ann = pg.add_text(position=position, text=datestamp)
            ann.fore_color = "red"

Reporting bugs

Bugs reports are welcome at xdwlib@linxs.org.

Have fun!