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OCTOPASS: Management linux user and authentication with team or collaborator on Github.

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This is user management tool for linux by github. The name-resolves and authentication is provided the team or collaborator on github. Features easy handling and ease of operation.


Github Org/Team

For example, adding "Ken" to a team with github organization ...

OCTOPASS is a valid linux server, Ken will be able to ssh login with the key registered in github.


By OCTOPASS name resolution, you can check the id of team members of github organization.

$ id ken
uid=5458(ken) gid=2000(operators) groups=2000(operators)

You can also see a list like /etc/passwd,shadow,group by OCTOPASS. For detail --help.

$ octopass passwd
chun-li:x:14301:2000:managed by octopass:/home/chun-li:/bin/bash
dhalsim:x:8875:2000:managed by octopass:/home/dhalsim:/bin/bash
ken:x:5458:2000:managed by octopass:/home/ken:/bin/bash
ryu:x:74049:2000:managed by octopass:/home/ryu:/bin/bash
sagat:x:93011:2000:managed by octopass:/home/sagat:/bin/bash
zangief:x:8305:2000:managed by octopass:/home/zangief:/bin/bash

And OCTOPASS gets the public key from github for key authentication.

$ octopass ken
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAqUJvs1vRgHRMH9dpxYcBBV687njS2YrJ+oeIKvbAbg6yL4QsJMeElcPOlmfWEYsp8vbRLXQCTvv14XJfKmgp8V9es5P/l8r5Came3X1S/muqRMONUTdygCpfyo+BJGIMVKtH8fSsBCWfJJ1EYEesyzxqc2u44yIiczM2b461tRwW+7cHNrQ6bKEY9sRMV0p/zkOdPwle30qQml+AlS1SvbrMiiJLEW75dSSENr5M+P4ciJHYXhsrgLE95+ThFPqbznZYWixxATWEYMLiK6OrSy5aYss4o9mvEBJozyrVdKyKz11zSK2D4Z/JTh8eP+NxAw5otqBmfNx+HhKRH3MhJQ==


I did not need functions like ldap, and asked for ease and ease of introduction. Therefore, the user only considers it as administrator authority. However, it is very easy to add a newly added user or to remove a user who leaves.

Also, in order to speedily resolve names, Github API responses are file cached. With this, even if Github is down, it will work if past caches remain.





$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ sudo apt-get install octopass


$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ sudo yum install octopass

Packages are provided via packagecloud.

Building from Source


  • glibc
  • libcurl
  • jansson
$ git clone
$ make && make install
$ mv octopass.conf.example /etc/octopass.conf


Edit octopass.conf:

$ mv /etc/{octopass.conf.example,octopass.conf}
Key Description Default
Endpoint github endpoint
Token github personal access token -
Organization github organization -
Team github team -
Owner github owner -
Repository github repository -
Permission github collaborator permission write
Group group on linux same as team
Home user home /home/%s
Shell user shell /bin/bash
UidStarts start number of uid 2000
Gid gid 2000
Cache github api cache sec 500
Syslog use syslog false
SharedUsers share auth of specific users on team []

Generate token from here: Need: Read org and team membership

SSHD Configuration


AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/bin/octopass
AuthorizedKeysCommandUser root
UsePAM yes
PasswordAuthentication no

PAM Configuration

Add to top of /etc/pam.d/sshd this:

auth	requisite	quiet	expose_authtok	/usr/bin/octopass pam
auth	optional	not_set_pass	use_first_pass	nodelay
session	required	skel=/etc/skel/	umask=0022

Name Service Switch Configuration


passwd:     files octopass sss
shadow:     files octopass sss
group:      files octopass sss

Enable OCTOPASS as name resolution.


Thank you @uchida, @hnmx4 and @hfm for some provisioning tools.

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