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A digital basemap provides a consistent background detail necessary to orient location and add to aesthetic appeal. Basemaps can be made up of streets, parcels, boundaries (country, regional, and city boundaries), shaded relief of a digital elevation model, waterways, hydrography, aerial and satellite imagery. Basemaps can be used as desktop, website or mobile phone application components, or as a 3rd party layers within a GIS or desktop mapping application.


This repository requires NodeJs > 12 & Yarn

Use n to manage nodeJs versions

# Download the latest nodejs & yarn
n latest
npm install -g yarn

# Install node deps

# Build everything into /build
yarn run build

# Run the unit tests
yarn run test

Example clients



This system is licensed under the MIT License, except where otherwise specified. See the LICENSE file for more details.


Deployments of Basemaps are managed with github actions.

To trigger a deployment, make sure your branch is up to date and run the version bump script ./scripts/ This script will create a release: commit and branch, please review the commit then create a pull request from it.

Once the release pull request is merged the CI system will deploy the released version into dev then into production.