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-[![Build Status](](
+# [ThaiFixes]( [![Build Status](](
Make Thai language in Minecraft looks better.
+## Contributors
- [lion328]( (Developer and maintainer)
- [PCXD]( (Developer of the original Minecraft 1.2.4 mod)
- [secretdataz]( (Coremod source code)
-Officially supported mods
-- [OptiFine](
+## Mods compatibility
+ThaiFixes should able install together with mods that not messing with fonts and chatbox rendering. So you should try running them together first.
+### List of compatible mods
+This is a list of mods that officially supported by ThaiFixes and will compatible with it. Please open a new issue if you find mods in this list that not working together.
+- [OptiFine](

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