A simple music server for Raspberry Pi.
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A simple music server for Raspberry Pi.

Setting Up RasPod

Please check the wiki we created for this purpose. The wiki can be edited by any registered Github user, so please help us make it more readable and cover most of the platforms.


  • Python v2.7
  • Tornado server (v1.2 aleast)
  • LibVLC
  • Vlc
  • Alsa-utils

Ubuntu Command:

# sudo apt-get install python-tornado python-setuptools vlc alsa-utils

Running on Raspberry Pi

The following steps/commands have been tested on Debian Wheezy and Debian Squeeze.

  • Install python-tornado (atleast v1.2)

Raspod uses python-tornado for handling HTTP requests.

# sudo apt-get install python-tornado

Note: On Raspberry Pi [debian squeeze] you need to build the tornado server yourself, as the latest package availiable is v1.0 which would give out some errors.

  • Install VLC and Alsa-drivers

Raspod uses libVLC to play audio.

# sudo apt-get install vlc alsa-utils
  • Enable Audio (Not needed for Debian Wheezy)

In most OS'es on Raspberry Pi sound is disabled by default because the ALSA sound driver is still "alpha" (not fully tested). To enable sound

# sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835
  • Run


# python setup.py develop

Run Server

$ python server.py <port>

As, a default the port is set to 8888

Tested On

  • Arch-linux 3.2
  • Debian Wheezy
  • Debian Squeeze

Ideas and Bug Reports

Please file your feature requests and bug reports at our issue tracker.


Aneesh Dogra (lionaneesh-at-gmail)