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A platform to write visual art in javascript limited to 140 characters.

The frontend is currently being rewritten, so please direct frontend development to dwitter-frontend. The new frontend is currently hosted at

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Inspired by

Pre-requisites and first-time installation

  • Install npm
  • sudo apt install npm
  • Get packages needed for server and clone the repository
  • sudo apt install git virtualenv python-pip
  • git clone



  1. make setup (set up virtual environment)
  2. source venv/bin/activate (activate virtual environment)
  3. make (install dependencies and set up database)
  4. python createsuperuser (create admin account used below)
  5. make run runs the server. Use make serve instead if you're working inside a VM with port forwarding. (
  6. Go to http://localhost:8000/admin/sites/ and log in with admin account created above.
  7. Click on the one entry, and change both domain name and display name to localhost:8000.
  8. Make sure http://dweet.localhost:8000/ returns a django error. May not work in Firefox.


  1. Download the latest python3.7 release.
  2. Without installing the setup, extract all the files in the a new directory such as ./python37
  3. Set up virtual environment using the extracted interpreter: virtualenv --python ./python37/python.exe venv
  4. Activate the venv: cd venv/Scripts && activate.bat
  5. Get back in the main directory (cd ../.. && make) and use make command (install dependencies and set up database)
  6. Continue with the fourth step from Linux setup.

Other commands

  • make migrations
  • make migrate
  • make lint
    • lints Python and JS files
    • automatically fixes some JS issues (mostly whitespace-related)
  • make shell
  • make backup
  • make restore-backup

Dwitter API


GET  - list of the last 10 dweets

       ?limit=100            - number of results to return, default 10, max 100 (subject to change)
       &offset=200           - offset page by 200 dweets
       &remix_of=123         - all remixes of 123
       &author=lionleaf      - dweets by author

GET  - get details about d/123

Latest dweet: (sorted by posted date by default)


GET  - Show details about user 'lionleaf'.