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A platform to write visual art in javascript limited to 140 characters.

Available on

Join the chat on Discord


Inspired by

Pre-requisites and first-time installation

  • Install npm
  • sudo apt install npm
  • Get packages needed for server and clone the repository
  • sudo apt install git virtualenv python-pip
  • git clone


  • make setup (set up virtual environment)
  • source venv/bin/activate (activate virtual environment)
  • make (install dependencies and set up database)
  • python createsuperuser (create admin account used below)
  • make run runs the server. Use make serve instead if you're working inside a VM with port forwarding. (
  • Go to http://localhost:8000/admin/sites/ and log in with admin account created above.
  • Click on the one entry, and change both domain name and display name to localhost:8000.
  • Make sure http://dweet.localhost:8000/ returns a django error. May not work in Firefox.

Other commands

  • make migrations
  • make migrate
  • make lint
    • lints Python and JS files
    • automatically fixes some JS issues (mostly whitespace-related)
  • make shell
  • make backup
  • make restore-backup

Dwitter API


GET  - list of the last 10 dweets
       ?limit=100            - number of results to return, default 10, max 100 (subject to change)
       &offset=200           - offset page by 200 dweets
       &remix_of=123         - all remixes of 123
       &author=lionleaf      - dweets by author

GET  - get details about d/123

Latest dweet: (sorted by posted date by default)


GET  - Show details about user 'lionleaf'.