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#include "driver/bno055.h"
static uint8 _address;
void BNO055_init(
uint8 address)
if (I2C_read_single(address, BNO055_REG_ID) != BNOO055_ID) {
_address = address;
// start config mode
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_PAGE_ID, 0);
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_OPR_MODE, BNO055_MODE_OP_CFG);
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_SYS_TRIGGER, 0x80);
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_UNIT_SEL, 0);
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_PWR_MODE, BNO055_MODE_PWR_NORMAL);
I2C_write_single(_address, BNO055_REG_OPR_MODE, BNO055_MODE_OP_IMU);
#ifdef DEBUG
os_printf("SELFTEST RES: %x\n", (uint8) I2C_read_single(address, BNO055_REG_SELFTEST_RES));
os_printf("SYS_STATUS: %x\n", (uint8) I2C_read_single(address, BNO055_REG_SYS_STAT));
os_printf("SYS_ERROR: %x\n", (uint8) I2C_read_single(address, BNO055_REG_SYS_ERR));
uint8 BNO055_initialized()
return _address != 0;
uint64 BNO055_read_euler()
// get bits in right order, but first pitch, then roll, last head
return I2C_read_multiple_lsb(_address, BNO055_REG_EUL_HEAD_L, 48);
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