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#ifndef CC1101_H
#define CC1101_H
#include "c_types.h"
#include "eagle_soc.h"
#include "ets_sys.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "osapi.h"
#include "driver/hspi.h"
#include "user/interrupt.h"
#include "user/sound.h"
// zentrale Daten für den CC1101 Funkchip
// RxCC1101 Empfangsbuffer
// TxCC1101 Sendebuffer
// ID Knoten Adresse
// channel Funkkanal
// conf[39] Konfigurationstabelle
extern uint8_t ID; //Node ID von 1...255
extern uint8_t channel; //Funkkanal von 1..10
extern uint8_t conf[39]; //Konfigurationstabelle
extern uint8_t paTableIndex; //PA Tabelle
#define MAX_UID 0xFF // Maximum UID of a node is 255
#define MIN_UID 0x01 // Minimum UID of a node is 1
#define BROADCAST_UID 0x00 // UID for broadcasts
#define MIN_CHANNEL 1 // Minimum channel number, set to 0 to activate Notfallkanal
#define MAX_CHANNEL 10 // Maximum channel number
#define CC1101_GDO0 GPIO_ReadInputDataBit(GPIOC, GPIO_Pin_4) // read GDO0
#define CC1101_GDO1 GPIO_ReadInputDataBit(GPIOA, GPIO_Pin_6) // read GDO1
#define CC1101_GDO2 GPIO_ReadInputDataBit(GPIOC, GPIO_Pin_5) // read GDO2
#define NOBYTE 0x00 // No command, for reading.
#define PACKET_LENGTH 255 // Packet length = 62 Bytes.
#define HEADER_SIZE 2 //size of header
#define PATABLE 17 // Current PATABLE Index
#define LOW_POWER 1 // Sendeleistung auf -15 dBm setzen
#define MED_POWER 9 // Sendeleistung auf +2 dBm setzen
#define HIGH_POWER 16 // Sendeleistung auf +9 dBm setzen
// Bitmasks for reading out status register values
#define CRC_OK (0x80) // Bitmask (=10000000) for reading CRC_OK.
// If CRC_OK == 1: CRC for received data OK (or CRC disabled).
// If CRC_OK == 0: CRC error in received data.
#define LQI_EST (0x7F) // Bitmask (=01111111) for reading LQI_EST.
// The Link Quality Indicator estimates how easily a received signal can be demodulated.
#define I_RSSI (0x00) // Index 0 contains RSSI information (from optionally appended packet status bytes).
#define I_LQI (0x01) // Index 1 contains LQI & CRC_OK information (from optionally appended packet status bytes).
#define MARC_STATE (0x1F) // Bitmask (=00011111) for reading MARC_STATE in MARCSTATE status register.
#define CS (0x40) // Bitmask (=01000000) for reading CS (Carrier Sense) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define PQT_REACHED (0x20) // Bitmask (=00100000) for reading PQT_REACHED (Preamble Quality reached) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define CCA (0x10) // Bitmask (=00010000) for reading CCA (clear channel assessment) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define SFD (0x08) // Bitmask (=00001000) for reading SFD (Sync word found) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define GDO2 (0x04) // Bitmask (=00000100) for reading GDO2 (current value on GDO2 pin) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define GDO1 (0x02) // Bitmask (=00000010) for reading GDO1 (current value on GDO1 pin) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define GDO0 (0x01) // Bitmask (=00000001) for reading GDO0 (current value on GDO0 pin) in PKTSTATUS status register.
#define TXFIFO_UNDERFLOW (0x80) // Bitmask (=10000000) for reading TXFIFO_UNDERFLOW in TXBYTES status register.
#define BYTES_IN_TXFIFO (0x7F) // Bitmask (=01111111) for reading NUM_TXBYTES in TXBYTES status register.
#define RXFIFO_OVERFLOW (0x80) // Bitmask (=10000000) for reading RXFIFO_OVERFLOW in RXBYTES status register.
#define BYTES_IN_RXFIFO (0x7F) // Bitmask (=01111111) for reading NUM_RXBYTES in RXBYTES status register.
// Bitmasks for reading out configuration register values
#define PKT_LENGTH_CONFIG (0x03) // Bitmask (=00000011) for reading LENGTH_CONFIG in PKTCTRL0 configuration register.
// Configuration Registers (47x)
#define CC1101_IOCFG2 (0x00) // GDO2 output pin configuration
#define CC1101_IOCFG1 (0x01) // GDO1 output pin configuration
#define CC1101_IOCFG0 (0x02) // GDO0 output pin configuration
#define CC1101_FIFOTHR (0x03) // RX FIFO and TX FIFO thresholds
#define CC1101_SYNC1 (0x04) // Sync word, high byte
#define CC1101_SYNC0 (0x05) // Sync word, low byte
#define CC1101_PKTLEN (0x06) // Packet length
#define CC1101_PKTCTRL1 (0x07) // Packet automation control
#define CC1101_PKTCTRL0 (0x08) // Packet automation control
#define CC1101_ADDR (0x09) // Device address
#define CC1101_CHANNR (0x0A) // Channel number
#define CC1101_FSCTRL1 (0x0B) // Frequency synthesizer control
#define CC1101_FSCTRL0 (0x0C) // Frequency synthesizer control
#define CC1101_FREQ2 (0x0D) // Frequency control word, high byte
#define CC1101_FREQ1 (0x0E) // Frequency control word, middle byte
#define CC1101_FREQ0 (0x0F) // Frequency control word, low byte
#define CC1101_MDMCFG4 (0x10) // Modem configuration
#define CC1101_MDMCFG3 (0x11) // Modem configuration
#define CC1101_MDMCFG2 (0x12) // Modem configuration
#define CC1101_MDMCFG1 (0x13) // Modem configuration
#define CC1101_MDMCFG0 (0x14) // Modem configuration
#define CC1101_DEVIATN (0x15) // Modem deviation setting
#define CC1101_MCSM2 (0x16) // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration
#define CC1101_MCSM1 (0x17) // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration
#define CC1101_MCSM0 (0x18) // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration
#define CC1101_FOCCFG (0x19) // Frequency Offset Compensation configuration
#define CC1101_BSCFG (0x1A) // Bit Synchronization configuration
#define CC1101_AGCCTRL2 (0x1B) // AGC control
#define CC1101_AGCCTRL1 (0x1C) // AGC control
#define CC1101_AGCCTRL0 (0x1D) // AGC control
#define CC1101_WOREVT1 (0x1E) // High byte Event 0 timeout
#define CC1101_WOREVT0 (0x1F) // Low byte Event 0 timeout
#define CC1101_WORCTRL (0x20) // Wake On Radio control
#define CC1101_FREND1 (0x21) // Front end RX configuration
#define CC1101_FREND0 (0x22) // Front end TX configuration
#define CC1101_FSCAL3 (0x23) // Frequency synthesizer calibration
#define CC1101_FSCAL2 (0x24) // Frequency synthesizer calibration
#define CC1101_FSCAL1 (0x25) // Frequency synthesizer calibration
#define CC1101_FSCAL0 (0x26) // Frequency synthesizer calibration
#define CC1101_RCCTRL1 (0x27) // RC oscillator configuration
#define CC1101_RCCTRL0 (0x28) // RC oscillator configuration
#define CC1101_FSTEST (0x29) // Frequency synthesizer calibration control
#define CC1101_PTEST (0x2A) // Production test
#define CC1101_AGCTEST (0x2B) // AGC test
#define CC1101_TEST2 (0x2C) // Various test settings
#define CC1101_TEST1 (0x2D) // Various test settings
#define CC1101_TEST0 (0x2E) // Various test settings
// Strobe commands (14x)
#define CC1101_SRES (0x30) // Reset chip.
#define CC1101_SFSTXON (0x31) // Enable and calibrate frequency synthesizer (if MCSM0.FS_AUTOCAL=1).
// If in RX/TX: Go to a wait state where only the synthesizer is
// running (for quick RX / TX turnaround).
#define CC1101_SXTALOFF (0x32) // Turn off crystal oscillator.
#define CC1101_SCAL (0x33) // Calibrate frequency synthesizer and turn it off
// (enables quick start).
#define CC1101_SRX (0x34) // Enable RX. Perform calibration first if coming from IDLE and
#define CC1101_STX (0x35) // In IDLE state: Enable TX. Perform calibration first if
// MCSM0.FS_AUTOCAL=1. If in RX state and CCA is enabled:
// Only go to TX if channel is clear.
#define CC1101_SIDLE (0x36) // Exit RX / TX, turn off frequency synthesizer and exit
// Wake-On-Radio mode if applicable.
#define CC1101_SAFC (0x37) // Perform AFC adjustment of the frequency synthesizer
#define CC1101_SWOR (0x38) // Start automatic RX polling sequence (Wake-on-Radio)
#define CC1101_SPWD (0x39) // Enter power down mode when CSn goes high.
#define CC1101_SFLUSHRX (0x3A) // Flush the RX FIFO buffer (CC1101 should be in IDLE state).
#define CC1101_SFLUSHTX (0x3B) // Flush the TX FIFO buffer (CC1101 should be in IDLE state).
#define CC1101_SWORRST (0x3C) // Reset real time clock.
#define CC1101_SNOP (0x3D) // No operation. May be used to pad strobe commands to two
// bytes for simpler software.
// Status registers (12x)
#define CC1101_PARTNUM (0x30) // Part number of CC1101.
#define CC1101_VERSION (0x31) // Current version number.
#define CC1101_FREQEST (0x32) // Frequency Offset Estimate.
#define CC1101_LQI (0x33) // Demodulator estimate for Link Quality.
#define CC1101_RSSI (0x34) // Received signal strength indication.
#define CC1101_MARCSTATE (0x35) // Control state machine state.
#define CC1101_WORTIME1 (0x36) // High byte of WOR timer.
#define CC1101_WORTIME0 (0x37) // Low byte of WOR timer.
#define CC1101_PKTSTATUS (0x38) // Current GDOx status and packet status.
#define CC1101_VCO_VC_DAC (0x39) // Current setting from PLL calibration module.
#define CC1101_TXBYTES (0x3A) // Underflow and number of bytes in the TX FIFO.
#define CC1101_RXBYTES (0x3B) // Overflow and number of bytes in the RX FIFO.
// Multi byte registers
#define CC1101_PATABLE (0x3E) // Register for eight user selected output power settings.
#define CC1101_TXFIFO (0x3F) // TX FIFO: Write operations write to the TX FIFO (SB: +0x00; BURST: +0x40)
#define CC1101_RXFIFO (0x3F) // RX FIFO: Read operations read from the RX FIFO (SB: +0x80; BURST: +0xC0)
// Definitions to support burst/single access
#define CC1101_WRITE_SINGLE (0x00) // Offset for burst write.
#define CC1101_WRITE_BURST (0x40) // Offset for burst write.
#define CC1101_READ_SINGLE (0x80) // Offset for read single byte.
#define CC1101_READ_BURST (0xC0) // Offset for read burst.
#define false 0
#define true 1
// CC1101 Funk Empfangspuffer RxCC1101
typedef struct RCC1101
uint8_t length; // Längenbyte muß <= 62 sein
uint8_t dest; // Zieladresse des empfangenen Packetes
uint8_t source; // Quelladresse des empfangenen Packetes
uint8_t data[CC1101_MAX_DATA_LENGTH]; //[0] Zieladresse
//[1] Quelladresse
//[2..59] Daten
uint8_t RSSI; // The RSSI value of last received packet
uint8_t CRC_RX; // The CRC status of last received packet (1 = OK, 0 = not OK)
extern volatile CC1101_Rx RxCC1101;
// CC1101 Funk Sendepuffer TxCC1101 für variable Datenlängen
typedef struct TCC1101
uint8_t length; // Länge Daten (max 59)
uint8_t dest; // Zieladresse (0..255)
uint8_t source; // Quelladresse (0..255)
uint8_t data[CC1101_MAX_DATA_LENGTH]; // Daten (max 60)
extern volatile CC1101_Tx TxCC1101; //
void CC1101_test();
void CC1101_init();
void CC1101_poweronreset();
void CC1101_spi_init();
void CC1101_init_idle();
void CC1101_init_powerdown();
void CC1101_isr();
void CC1101_reset();
void CC1101_set_id(
uint8_t id);
uint8_t CC1101_set_power(
uint8_t pa_index);
void CC1101_set_channel(
uint8_t channel);
void CC1101_spi_trx_init();
void CC1101_spi_write(
uint8_t addr,
uint8_t value);
void CC1101_spi_write_burst(
uint8_t addr,
uint8_t *buffer,
uint8_t count);
uint8_t CC1101_spi_read(
uint8_t addr);
void CC1101_spi_read_burst(
uint8_t addr,
uint8_t *buffer,
uint8_t count);
void CC1101_spi_strobe(
uint8_t strobe);
void CC1101_send_packet(
uint8_t dest,
uint8_t source,
uint8_t *data,
uint8_t length);
uint8_t CC1101_receive_packet();
void CC1101_print_packet();