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UW-Madison Statistics Graduate Student Association Website

This is the official repository for the SGSA website. If you are a graduate student in statistics, please feel free to submit any issues and pull requests to make this your own. Our goal is to make this a useful reference to current graduate students in statistics, at UW but also other universities.


The images are from the Wisconsin Photo Library. Images shown on the website are in the images directory.

How the website was made

The website was made with docsify. The documentation here is much more complete for anything regarding this website.

Quick Orientation

The entry point for the homepage is The parameter options are in index.html (sidebar, homepage, etc.). Each page has its own .md file, including the coverpage and sidebar (which is actually written in yaml style). The is this document you are reading now.

Finally, there is a custom.css file to make a few cosmetic changes to the website look if you feel you need it.

To preview the site locally, install docsify, and run docsify serve.


Hosting is done on the stat servers. If there's anything wrong, you should contact the IT department. If you're the new technology chair, you'll also have to talk to them to get edit permissions on the production version of the website.


The official repository for the UW SGSA website:



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