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HTTP mocking for Rust!

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Documentation available at

Before upgrading, make sure to check out the changelog.

Contribution Guidelines

  1. Check the existing issues and pull requests.
  2. One commit is one feature - consider squashing.
  3. Format code with cargo fmt.
  4. :shipit:



Run tests:

cargo test

...or run tests using a different toolchain:

rustup run --install 1.36.0 cargo test

...or run tests while disabling the default features (e.g. the colors):

cargo test --no-default-features

Code style

Mockito uses rustfmt as a general code style.

Install rustfmt:

rustup component add rustfmt

Format code:

cargo fmt

Some editors might provide a plugin to format your Rust code automatically.


Mockito uses clippy as a linter.

Install clippy:

rustup component add clippy-preview

Run the linter:

# Touch a file to force cargo to rerun clippy on the project
touch src/

cargo clippy --lib --tests --all-features -- -D clippy::pedantic -D clippy::nursery

...or run the linter using a different toolchain:

rustup run --install 1.36.0 cargo clippy --lib --tests --all-features -- -D clippy::pedantic -D clippy::nursery



cargo publish


Install rust nightly:

rustup install nightly

Run benchmarks:

rustup run nightly cargo bench

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