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I want to thank all people that came to me and show support after all the harassnent that i went. I read a lot of the comments that you guys sent to me but it was so many that i became lost on my facebook messager and youtube channel, so i'm sorry if i didn't respond to you personally. Since most of the people's request are for the themes and whises that i get back for the scene, i thought that it would be unfair with you guys that supported me the whole time. So, i'm uploading all my themes again. This time with only one permition: to be used on retropie systems. No other ways are permitted (no recalbox versions, no commercial use of my drawings and specially not a "special edition with my name removed"). I know that this won't prevail people who are still selling it or make people respect my decision, but i don't want to punish the only ones that did respect it in first place.

Lastly, i don't know if or when i'll return to the community (as a maker, i'm still around helping people).

Thank you all!

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