⌛️ Create and stream live the time lapses from macOS, Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi
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Timelapse (PSS Camera)

Works on OS X, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and possibly on anything that has a camera and can run Python.

🔥 Download and Run

Visit the download page and get the binaries for OS X or Windows.

🙏 Installation

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

📷 Capture

$ ./pss-capture.py --interval 30 --name foo

The above command will start saving images every 30 seconds in the directory feed/foo. For more information just use --help.

☁️ Upload

$ ./pss-upload.py --username username --password password

The above command will start uploading the images that are located in feed directory to PSS Camera. For more information just use --help.

Set your password from the profile settigs.

💼 Requirements

  • OpenCV — if you want to play with the source and you don't have a Raspberry Pi.
  • Camera Pi Module — which is using the Picamera if you are on Raspberry Pi.
  • fswebcam — if you don't want to install OpenCV on your Raspberry Pi and you have a USB camera attached to it.

🌹 Examples

💶 Recommended Raspberry Pi Setup