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Realtime Message Bus for the Web. Lua Implementation
Lua Shell

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lua-jet is a Jet daemon and peer implementation written in Lua. Build Status Coverage Status


With luarocks:

$ sudo luarocks install lua-jet

Most recent github version:

$ git clone
$ cd jet
$ sudo luarocks make rockspecs/lua-jet-scm-1.rockspec


In particular you need libev installed.

Ubuntu / Debian based Linux:

$ sudo apt-get install libev-dev

OSX with Homebrew:

$ brew install libev

Running the daemon

$ jetd.lua

Starting an example peer

$ cd lua-jet
$ lua example/some_service.lua


Radar is a web application that gives you access to a Jet bus.

$ sudo luarocks install orbit
$ git clone
$ cd radar
$ ./simple_webserver.lua

Watch Your Jet Bus on Your local Radar.


For general information, visit the Jet Homepage. Look at the, the examples or the busted test spec files.


To run the tests, busted version 1.11.1 needs to be installed:

$ sudo luarocks install busted 1.11.1-1

If all is in place, run the tests from within the lua-jet dir like this:

$ busted spec

For more details on installation and running tests under debian based Linux see the ".travis.yml" file.

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