Blockchain abstraction layer
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Chain Abstraction Layer

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⚠️ This project is under heavy development. Expect bugs & breaking changes.

πŸ“ Introductory Blog Post: The Missing Tool to Cross-Chain Development

Query different blockchains with account management using a single and simple interface.


npm install @liquality/chainabstractionlayer

Error: Cannot find module 'babel-runtime/core-js/get-iterator'

Issues to track: LedgerHQ/ledgerjs/issues/211, LedgerHQ/ledgerjs/issues/218

npm install babel-runtime


import { Client, providers } from '@liquality/chainabstractionlayer'

const { BitcoinRPCProvider } = providers.bitcoin

const bitcoin = new Client()
bitcoin.addProvider(new BitcoinRPCProvider('http://localhost:8080', 'bitcoin', 'local321'))

  .generateBlock(1) // returns Promise
  .then(console.log) // Array<BlockHash>

Try ChainAbstractionLayer in Browser

Chain Wallet Provider
Ethereum Ledger Source & Demo
MetaMask Source & Demo
Bitcoin Ledger Source & Demo


The documentation is being generated by esdoc. Github Page hosted documentation is available at

If you want to build documentation locally;

npm run build:docs