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Liqube Dark Code Theme for VSCode


A fresh and stylish dark theme for Visual Studio Code, designed to be less colorful, less distracting, but much more focused than other themes. While specifically created for evening/night coding the color scheme also works fine for day-time work.

This theme was made with C, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, and LUA in mind, but should work fine for most languages.


PHP Code Example

HTML Code Example

Design Specifics

The idea was to put focus on elements that are relevant, that need to be identifyable quickly without having the brain do the exhausting work of visually separating things.

Strings and characters are kept in a single consistent color, and across regular expressions.

Operators are dimmed to keep the focus on what is going on around them.

Brackets are mostly dimmed, except where they need to be highly visible (e.g., function calls.)

Variables and function calls use two separate colors.

HTML elements use a distinct pink tint to effectively separate them from script code, which also translates to CSS files.

Comments are dimmed gray and stay in the background, as they should. They do not make use of a specific color in order to not steal focus.

Bracket matching are visualized in black to avoid introducing yet another highlight color.

And several other things I simply forgot to mention here.


This extension is available for free at the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

How to Activate the Theme

After installing the package in Visual Studio Code press F1, type color theme, select Preferences: Color Theme, and Liqube Dark Code from the dropdown list.


The theme was brought to you by the people behind Resonic Player and Pro at


Any ideas or reminders about missing syntax colorings are welcome.

If you notice inconsistencies in any language please provide a sample code snippet for the language and I'll try to fix the issue.