Liquibase Hibernate Integration
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Liquibase Hibernate Integration

This extension lets you use your Hibernate configuration as a comparison database for diff, diffChangeLog and generateChangeLog in Liquibase.


Download the extension from the project releases tab


This extension is available in the maven repository under group org.liquibase.ext, artifacts:

  • liquibase-hibernate4 Hibernate 4.3+ support
  • liquibase-hibernate4.2 Hibernate 4.0-4.2 support
  • liquibase-hibernate3 Hibernate 3.x support

More Information

For more information, see the project wiki

Issue Tracking

Any issues can be logged in the Github issue tracker

Hibernate 3 vs. Hibernate 4 vs. Hibernate 5

The master branch is Hibernate 5+ compatible. The hibernate4 branch is Hibernate 4.3+ compatible. For Hibernate 3 support, use the hibernate3 release and/or branch. For hibernate 4.0-4.2 support, use the hibernate4.2 release and/or branch.

Ideally changes should go into the hibernate3 branch and then be merged into master in order to support both Hibernate 3 and 4.