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Building Liquibase

Liquibase core is currently built using Maven 3. Liquibase's modules are organized as follows

/ Liquibase Parent Configuration pom

  • liquibase-core
  • liqubase-integration-tests
  • liquibase-maven-plugin
  • liquibase-osgi
  • samples
    • liquibase-ext-change
    • liquibase-ext-changewithnestedtags
    • liquibase-ext-sqlgenerator

Building with the maven package command will compile, run tests and build the packages.

$ mvn package
[INFO] Reactor Summary:
[INFO] Liquibase Parent Configuration
[INFO] Liquibase Core
[INFO] Liquibase Maven Plugin
[INFO] Liquibase Osgi
[INFO] Liquibase extension sample change
[INFO] Liquibase extension sample using nested tags for change
[INFO] Liquibase extension showing sample sqlgenerator
[INFO] Liquibase Integration Tests

Known Issues

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