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Liquibase Core Changelog
Changes in version 3.5.1 (2016.05.10)
- [CORE-2727] - NPE in DiffToReport.print() method
- [CORE-2728] - Classloading broken in 3.5.0 with nested jars
- [CORE-2729] - NullPointerException on Diff
- [CORE-2731] - diff fails with NullPointerException
- [CORE-2732] - releaseLock fails because ObjectQuotingStrategy is reset to LEGACY
- [CORE-2733] - relativeToChangelogFile fails with FileSystemResourceAccessor
- [CORE-2734] - Liquibase no longer handle newline correctly in endDelimiter when using sqlFile change
- [CORE-2743] - CSV whitespace trimmed in 3.5.0
- [CORE-2744] - changeset with loadUpdateData changes checksum in 3.5.0
- [CORE-2745] - Performance degradation of sqlFile change
- [CORE-2746] - Oracle: handle case when schema name contains a hyphen
- [CORE-2750] - MSSQL catalog/database included all the time
Changes in version 3.5.0 (2016.04.21)
- New "created" attribute on changeSet
- New runOrder="first|last" attribute on changeSet to override where in the changelog it is ran
- New "context" attribute on <include> and <includeAll> to control when changelogs are included
- Support for AND/OR context expressions in formatted SQL changelogs
- Support for changelog parameters in formatted SQL chagnelogs
- Improved multi-schema snapshot and comparison
- Improved SQL parsing
- Performance improvements
- Lots of bug fixes
- [CORE-155] - Default-context attribute in databaseChangeLog tag
- [CORE-575] - foreign key constraint is generated with onUpdate and onDelete restrict
- [CORE-910] - Lock is not released if nocount is on for sql server 2008
- [CORE-1166] - Diff doesn't detect 'on delete cascade' statements
- [CORE-1447] - Inconsistent line endings in updateSQL produced files
- [CORE-1468] - Number / Numeric handling must differ between different database systems
- [CORE-1679] - Changelog SQL routines are partially aware of Database quoting strategy
- [CORE-1690] - OSGiPackageScanClassResolver does not search extensions in Fragment bundles
- [CORE-1836] - Oracle Integer mapping
- [CORE-1839] - H2 multicolumn unique constraints
- [CORE-1883] - Performance issue with large datamodels
- [CORE-1887] - Including the same ChangeSet twice causes ValidationFailedException
- [CORE-1897] - stripComments from SQL is trimming quoted string
- [CORE-1935] - Formatted SQL generateChangeLog failed
- [CORE-1966] - Invalid object name 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SEQUENCES' when running generateChangeLog with SQL Azure
- [CORE-1985] - constraints tag is missing referencedTableSchemaName
- [CORE-2024] - Move SDK to its own module
- [CORE-2056] - generateChangeLog generates too many 'constraints'
- [CORE-2059] - escapeObjectName has no respect for quotingStrategy QUOTE_ONLY_RESERVED_WORDS on Postgres
- [CORE-2184] - diff doesn't write correct Changesets for foreign key constraints with ON DELETE CASCADE
- [CORE-2211] - Liquibase tries to execute commented lines in custom SQL file
- [CORE-2213] - Liquibase does not support comments in a line after the semicolon
- [CORE-2333] - loadData fails with quoted string containing a comma
- [CORE-2376] - LiquibaseCatalogName in commandLine not working correctly
- [CORE-2438] - DeleteGenerator does not handle parameter names and values with $ or \ properly
- [CORE-2456] - includeObjects/excludeObjects not work for UniqueConstraint
- [CORE-2474] - dropFirst does not drop objects in not default schemas on Postgres 9+ using sql format with multiple schemas
- [CORE-2483] - Liquibase does not delete unzip directories from temporary directory
- [CORE-2501] - Derby sequenceCurrentValue Incorrect SQL
- [CORE-2502] - Handle single-tag <databaseChangeLog/> tag on diffChangeLog
- [CORE-2504] - NumberFormatException while checking precondition
- [CORE-2508] - GlobalConfiguration alias is incorrect
- [CORE-2512] - Both defautValueComputed and defaultValue included in addColumn diffChangeLog outputs if value is a computed value
- [CORE-2513] - DiffChangeLog fixing changed indexes misses "unique" attribute
- [CORE-2514] - bad Maven documentation for outputDefaultCatalog and outputDefaultSchema
- [CORE-2517] - Foreign key snapshot improvements for DB2
- [CORE-2518] - DB2: snapshot sees DATE types as TIMESTAMP
- [CORE-2520] - Spurious warning with includeAll: file is not a recognized file type
- [CORE-2521] - addAutoIncrement on Postgres generates invalid SQL when specific schema is used
- [CORE-2522] - Derby: support for findForeignKeyConstraints
- [CORE-2523] - H2: use "REAL" as datatype for "FLOAT"
- [CORE-2524] - MSSQL: need to escape default value constraint names
- [CORE-2525] - Error on dropping sequence
- [CORE-2526] - Oracle 12: TIMESTAMP(3) not handled
- [CORE-2528] - Oracle: improve unique constraint snapshot query performance
- [CORE-2529] - MSSQL auto_increment numeric is 1 smaller in generateChangeLog
- [CORE-2531] - Wrong type mapping of BINARY type in MySQL, H2, HSQLDB and Postgresql
- [CORE-2533] - Poor runtime performance
- [CORE-2538] - regenerate maven documentation for liqubase on website
- [CORE-2545] - MSSQL: createProcedure fails if replaceIfExists=true and body uses "create proc" rather than "create procedure"
- [CORE-2547] - liquibase.database.core.DB2Database - Improper Resource Shutdown or Release
- [CORE-2548] - primaryKeyTablespace is ignored in PostgreSQL
- [CORE-2550] - Proper handling BINARY type in MySQL and H2
- [CORE-2552] - Oracle performance: fetch view definition along with original view to reduce the number of needed queries
- [CORE-2553] - DB2: add ability to disable automatic reorg statements
- [CORE-2556] - Cannot execute update code including quoted strings containing semicolons
- [CORE-2558] - includeAll incorrectly sorting by including WEB-INF/classes when running in an ear
- [CORE-2561] - Add "cycle" attribute to alterSequence
- [CORE-2562] - MSSQL: Snapshot errors if table names have single quote marks in them
- [CORE-2563] - DiffChangeLog that adds columns does not preserve column order
- [CORE-2565] - Escaping of the sequence names with schema generates invalid statements for Oracle DB
- [CORE-2581] - mysql update emits incorrect sql for BIT(1) when default specified
- [CORE-2587] - Validation not performed before rollback
- [CORE-2591] - autoincrement problem with ORA 12c + COMPATIBLE param to 11
- [CORE-2595] - DefaultPackageScanClassResolver fails if "fat" jar has dirs and files with same name
- [CORE-2599] - generateChangelog produces incorrect values for binary type
- [CORE-2601] - ORDER keyword isn't escaped for Oracle
- [CORE-2602] - StackOverflowError generating snapshot
- [CORE-2604] - PostgreSQL datatype bit(n) column gives BOOLEAN(n) type for CreateTableChange genearated sql statement
- [CORE-2605] - addColumn with multiple columns, does not create the constraints
- [CORE-2606] - PostgreSQL : Table creation with datatype smallserial fails.
- [CORE-2609] - Liquibase command line fails when using JTDS driver with SSO
- [CORE-2611] - Sybase ASE generated table name is wrong. Roll back CORE-2447
- [CORE-2615] - Multi-schema snapshot bugfixes
- [CORE-2623] - Oracle: primary keys on tables recovered from recyclebin are not properly snapshotted
- [CORE-2624] - MSSQL: better support for user defined types
- [CORE-2625] - Diff: should not be case sensitive in column default value functions
- [CORE-2629] - SQL syntax doesn't allow commenting indepenrent parts.
- [CORE-2632] - Postgres index drop needs schema
- [CORE-2635] - Applied changeset not detected
- [CORE-2636] - includeAll uses full file path
- [CORE-2637] - Creating column with tinyint(1) instead created as default tinyint
- [CORE-2641] - runOnChange change set runs every time even if there wasn't changed
- [CORE-2642] - Xsd files are not resolved from classpath when resolving from resourceAccessor fails.
- [CORE-2643] - loadData
- [CORE-2645] - Rollback referencing a change set in current child file cannot be parsed
- [CORE-2653] - Liquibase show difference for some UniqueConstraint and Views in SQL SERVER databases but Actually there is NO difference when i compare the SQL scripts manually
- [CORE-2660] - Multiple contexts not recognized in formatted SQL when using AND
- [CORE-2662] - NumberFormatException with default values of type 'real' in postgresql
- [CORE-2663] - New MySQL 5.7.x reserved keywords are not being escaped
- [CORE-2664] - createChangeLog has incorrect nesting of constraints in YAML format
- [CORE-2666] - InsertSetGenerator hard-codes the InsertGenerator
- [CORE-2669] - Impossible to extend BaseLiquibaseTask in a non-deprecated way
- [CORE-2670] - Impossible to create table on mssql with remarks containing apostrophes
- [CORE-2671] - oracle timestamps with time zone
- [CORE-2672] - createSequence with order produces invalid statement on postgresql
- [CORE-2673] - includeAll relativeToChangelogFile doesn't work for FileSystemResourceAccessor
- [CORE-2674] - LoadUpdateData with onlyUpdate="true" generates invalid statements for Oracle DB
- [CORE-2677] - Dropping a postgres index fails
- [CORE-2679] - Hibernate diffChangeLog NullPointerException @ MissingPrimaryKeyChangeGenerator.fixMissing(
- [CORE-2680] - Generating a futureRollbackSql when using "classpath:" prefix doesn't recognise any of the ran change sets.
- [CORE-2681] - H2 (automatic mixed mode): createTable: columns remarks ignored
- [CORE-2683] - dropAll dropping sequences that have been dropped via earlier cascade
- [CORE-2684] - Context is ignored with runOnChange and including file (sqlFile/loadUpdateData)
- [CORE-2686] - StandardChangeLogHistoryService.hasDatabaseChangeLogTable value is cached too aggressively
- [CORE-2687] - <sqlFile endDelimiter="go" if endDelimiter has whitespace in my sql it is not spliting
- [CORE-2688] - Loading data from csv with number of rows dividable by 51
- [CORE-2689] - TIMESTAMP parameters dropped for DB2
- [CORE-2690] - SetTableRemarksGenerator double escapes remark
- [CORE-2693] - Postgresql dropAll with serial columns fails because tables are dropped then sequences which no longer exist
- [CORE-2694] - "national character varying" type is not recognized
- [CORE-2698] - <sqlFile> Oracle scripts with ending / are not actually getting executed even with splitStatements="false"
- [CORE-2699] - concurrency causes NullPointerException in DatabaseObjectComparatorFactory.getInstance()
- [CORE-2705] - diffChangeLog generates dropColumn when dropping an index with a computed column
- [CORE-2706] - Two sides of equal are the same
- [CORE-2709] - endDelimiter regexp problem
- [CORE-2711] - Cannot load CSV via loadData
- [CORE-2713] - CreateView disregards replaceIfExists=true when fullDefinition=true
- [CORE-2715] - tableExists and columnExists preconditions fail on MySQL
- [CORE-2718] - H2 Database should query for default schema instead always use PUBLIC
- [CORE-2719] - Oracle: Cannot snapshot primary keys on lower-case tables
- [CORE-2720] - DB2: Capture full view definition in snapshot/generateChangeLog to support column options
- [CORE-2721] - endDelimiter regex does not work in SQL changelogs/changesets
- [CORE-2725] - DB2: Don't include system-generated indexes
- [CORE-521] - Handle Timestamp with Time Zone types where supported
- [CORE-2448] - New "created" attribute on changeSet
- [CORE-2478] - Liquibase dropAll command line does not allow dropping multiple schemas
- [CORE-2540] - Allow vendor independent SEQUENCE definition
- [CORE-2541] - Add support for registering a Change Exec Listener on command line
- [CORE-2560] - Add new runOrder="first|last" attribute to control when a changeSet is ran
- [CORE-2577] - Add resourceComparator attribute to includeAll to override sorting
- [CORE-2578] - Added addUniqueConstraint deferrable"support for Postgresql
- [CORE-449] - Same changeLog can be included multiple times
- [CORE-1969] - Support for AND/OR context expressions in formatted sql
- [CORE-2100] - formatted sql validCheckSum
- [CORE-2115] - Really slow when using fat jars
- [CORE-2225] - please add the OLD check sum to the validation error message
- [CORE-2336] - Use a grammer for parsing SQL rather than regexps
- [CORE-2419] - Support fluent/builder-style change properties
- [CORE-2455] - Improve messages in databasechangelog.description column
- [CORE-2463] - Don't include liquibase tables in dbdoc
- [CORE-2493] - ExecuteShellCommand improvements
- [CORE-2497] - Support setColumnRemarks and setTableRemarks on MSSQL
- [CORE-2499] - Support for commenting lines in csv files
- [CORE-2539] - Ensure each data row in CSV has same # cols as header
- [CORE-2584] - ValidCheckSum is valid for both stored database values and current changeSet checksum
- [CORE-2589] - Output xml changelogs as xml version="1.1"
- [CORE-2612] - Oracle: include BYTE in CHAR and VARCHAR types from snapshot/generateChangeLog
- [CORE-2619] - Make changeLogFile optional for changeSetExecuted
- [CORE-2622] - Maven: Support ISO date syntax for rollback
- [CORE-2626] - Use schemaName in createProcedure
- [CORE-2638] - GenerateChangeLog should include replaceIfExists=true for changed views
- [CORE-2640] - Better handling of replaceIfExists in createProcedure
- [CORE-2651] - Derby: Default unknown version to 10.6 to support sequences
- [CORE-2652] - Formatted sql precondition not expanding changelog parameters
- [CORE-2657] - Add new DATABASECHANGELOG.DEPLOYMENT_ID column to track changeSets deployed together
- [CORE-2658] - Move the liquibase-debian module to a separate profile
- [CORE-2703] - MySQL NCLOB should conver to LONGTEXT CHARACTER SET utf8
- [CORE-2724] - Support offline databases in ant-tasks
Changes in version 3.4.2 (2015.11.24)
- [CORE-2328] - AbstractExecutor should implement execute(Change)
- [CORE-2475] - Informix: Insert valueComputed not used correctly
- [CORE-2543] - Improved support for time stamps in oracle insert change data types
- [CORE-1778] - createSequence doesn't work on MSSQL
- [CORE-1840] - Liquibase fails when run on a computer that can't connect to the internet
- [CORE-2273] - Oracle char column snapshot not differentiating between a default value of 0 and '0'
- [CORE-2285] - Code in Liquibase class inconsistent
- [CORE-2317] - Custom ConfigurationValueProvider not working
- [CORE-2349] - loadUpdateData does not escape column names in "ON DUPLICATE" clause
- [CORE-2407] - Derby keywords not escaped when used as column/table names
- [CORE-2447] - In sybase, schema is bad preixed
- [CORE-2466] - Rollback referencing a change set in another file cannot be parsed
- [CORE-2467] - SSO with jtds MSSQL doesn't work after 3.3.5 for update - null user error
- [CORE-2469] - Error in method ColumnConfig.setValueNumeric(String)
- [CORE-2470] - MSSQL: FindForeignKeyConstraintsGeneratorMSSQL doesn't honor specified schema
- [CORE-2480] - Primary key exist works fine with 3.3.3 not with 3.4.0 in SQL SERVER
- [CORE-2481] - Primary key creation issue with informix
- [CORE-2482] - Number type issue with informix
- [CORE-2484] - dropAll command crashes because it drops sequences before tables
- [CORE-2487] - updateSql does not output anything for prepared statements
- [CORE-2490] - If you have more than one :name token in the where clause of a delete change, you get an Exception
- [CORE-2491] - Shouldn't a custom change produce a warning if run in updateSql mode
- [CORE-2492] - Logger extension liquibase-slf4j no longer usable with 3.4.1
- [CORE-2494] - Pgsql: Exporting/generating badly formatted SQL
- [CORE-2498] - Generation of TIMESTAMP(29) causing error in PSQL log TIMESTAMP(6) WITHOUT TIME ZONE
- [CORE-2500] - Fast check of ColumnExistsPrecondition causing transaction abort on PostgreSQL database
- [CORE-2505] - Missing keywords for H2 database
- [CORE-2510] - loadData on MySQL with > 50 rows fails
- [CORE-2544] - LogFactory does not get reset
- [CORE-2549] - Performance regression in resolving local host
- [CORE-2554] - updateSql command fails on validation when upgrading (2.0.5 ->3.4.1)
- [CORE-2566] - Maven - setting skip= true does not work
- [CORE-2571] - primaryKeyExists precondition generating wrong query
- [CORE-2576] - The 'dbms' attribute on <createProcedure> is not not taken into account when parsing changes
- [CORE-2579] - dropAll failed for Oracle 12c
- [CORE-2580] - Escape column, table and schema on ColumnExistsPrecondition
- [CORE-2588] - Bad cast
- [CORE-2590] - Default constraint names are not quoted
- [CORE-2596] - DatabaseChangeLogLock race condition exists if two nodes both try to create the table
- [CORE-2598] - Postgres generateChangeLog: "length for type varchar cannot exceed 10485760"
Changes in version 3.4.1 (2015.07.28)
- [CORE-998] - Changing index columns leads to wrong output order in the change log xml file.
- [CORE-2104] - ConcurrentModificationException iterating over System.getProperties().entrySet()
- [CORE-2385] - IncludeAll does not work when runing liquibase from inside a jar
- [CORE-2405] - Collation not preserved, depending on configuration
- [CORE-2406] - Escaped built-in data types should be lower case
- [CORE-2408] - Unknown column 'LABELS' in 'field list'
- [CORE-2410] - Snapshot should not include paramaters for MSSQL geometry, geography or sql_variant types
- [CORE-2411] - BLOB string default values not quoted
- [CORE-2412] - Handle Oracle BFILE types
- [CORE-2414] - CLONE - generateChangeLog creates DOUBLE(22) instead of double in MySql
- [CORE-2415] - Custom Logger configuration does not work anymore
- [CORE-2416] - Diff drops and creates primary keys for all tables
- [CORE-2418] - Liquibase 3.4.0 tries to do INSERT instead of UPDATE-Statements with Postgres
- [CORE-2421] - MySQL column sizes are off by 1 in BIGINT and INT for diffChangeLog
- [CORE-2422] - Liquibase intialisation failed
- [CORE-2423] - Sybase IQ : strange procedure called
- [CORE-2426] - Default schema name missing quotes.
- [CORE-2427] - Better handle MSSQL stored procedures with a different defaultSchema and replaceOnExists=true
- [CORE-2428] - liquibase 2.0.3 to 3.3.3
- [CORE-2435] - includeSystemClasspath switch actually includes SystemClassLoader if false
- [CORE-2436] - Logging in ClassLoaderResourceAccessor prevents installation of custom Logger
- [CORE-2437] - Index.toString() contains "unique" if and only if index is NOT unique
- [CORE-2438] - DeleteGenerator does not handle parameter names and values with $ or \ properly
- [CORE-2440] - Not possible to override DefaultLogger using a Logger in a non-liquibase package.
- [CORE-2441] - Creation of foreign key fails in MySQL if database name contains dashes
- [CORE-2442] - Creating MD5 checksum fails if changeSet id contains the character "?"
- [CORE-2443] - Liquibase 3.4.0 ignores third party loggers in certain situations
- [CORE-2446] - endDelimiter splitting does not work in plain SQL files (regression)
- [CORE-2452] - Index names should be quoted on SQL Server
- [CORE-2458] - loadUpdateData will not update
- [CORE-2460] - Postgres index names cannot include schema name
- [CORE-2433] - quoting error in table creation
- [CORE-2359] - Consistently read dataTypeId for all databases
- [CORE-2419] - Support fluent/builder-style change properties
- [CORE-2449] - Correctly detect "Sybase IQ"
- [CORE-2450] - Non-bash /bin/sh gives "[[ not found" error
- [CORE-2451] - SQL scripts should have "USE <database>" in the header on SQL Server
- [CORE-2453] - Informix: Return null for connection schema name
- [CORE-2459] - Un-change Formatted SQL stripComments default back to true
- [CORE-2461] - Don't do DATABASECHANGELOG ALTER statements if column types are different
Changes in version 3.4.0 (2015.06.24)
- [CORE-14] - Dropping default values with MS-SQL
- [CORE-822] - Add a tag to add/update table/column remarks
- [CORE-864] - loaddata performance enhancement
- [CORE-1411] - MariaDB support
- [CORE-2254] - Ability to save snapshot for later comparison
- [CORE-2257] - Ability to use a previously saved database snapshot in diff and generateChangeLog
- [CORE-2302] - Add ability to load nested object/collection properties and BigDecimal properties automatically
- [CORE-2306] - Support passing in a script for rollback to override rollback logic included in the changelog
- [CORE-2308] - Track changeSet contexts and labels in databasechangelog table
- [CORE-2345] - Add XML Type
- [CORE-419] - Allowing ASC and DESC in index definitions
- [CORE-562] - Allow naming of not null constraints
- [CORE-715] - indexExists does a full snapshot
- [CORE-1731] - Support autoincrement in oracle 12c
- [CORE-2124] - Ability to pass properties to a JDBC driver required
- [CORE-2132] - Error message for missing sqlFile reference should be more descriptive
- [CORE-2147] - HsqlDatabase should emit uppercase names when quoting reserved words to preserve case insensitivity
- [CORE-2171] - New ChangeExecListener.runFailed method
- [CORE-2177] - Support NOT(X) syntax for labels
- [CORE-2185] - Few fields needs to be changed as protected and need additional field in RanChangeSet
- [CORE-2217] - Add DataTypeFactory support for delimited data type names, improve resolution of MSSQL data types
- [CORE-2228] - New usingIndexName attribute on addPrimaryKey
- [CORE-2236] - Support .yml extension in YamlChangeLogSerializer
- [CORE-2244] - Handle generating SQL Server DDL where ANSI NULL Default is false
- [CORE-2249] - Index and UniqueConstraint equivalence check should take name into account
- [CORE-2288] - Do not check/updatedatabasechangelog table on status
- [CORE-2292] - New tagExists command for command line
- [CORE-2298] - Allow HSQL to use defaultValueComputed for certain allowed functions on datetime type columns
- [CORE-2299] - Add capability to ignore missing or empty folder with includeAll
- [CORE-2307] - ChangeLog table name option in command line tool
- [CORE-2309] - global/local properties on changesets
- [CORE-2320] - MinGW (Git Bash) support for shell
- [CORE-2334] - Disable CREATE TABLE DATABASECHANGELOG generation when running on OfflineConnection
- [CORE-2336] - Use a grammer for parsing SQL rather than regexps
- [CORE-2358] - Improve data types for Liquibase tables in MSSQL
- [CORE-2359] - Consistently read dataTypeId for all databases
- [CORE-2363] - Improve robustness of MSSQL database case-insensitivity check
- [CORE-2371] - Improve Oracle snapshot performance
- [CORE-2386] - Set the connection default catalog/schema if defaultCatalogName or defaultSchemaName is set
- [CORE-2397] - MSSQL View Snapshot should not use sp_helptext
- [CORE-2399] - DBDoc improvements
- [CORE-2404] - Ability to preserve TEXT type in mssql snapshot and update
- [CORE-842] - Tag database not taking orderexecuted into account
- [CORE-1296] - drop column on ms sql server
- [CORE-1424] - SQL Generation ignores DATETIME parameters
- [CORE-1542] - Sequence is dropped not until a second run of dropAllDatabaseObjects on PostgreSQL
- [CORE-1738] - loadData from csv fails for boolean column (if another column present)
- [CORE-1749] - Update change command does not respect whereParams
- [CORE-1803] - DropAll doesn’t delete sequences if they are used as default value in postgres
- [CORE-1904] - Slow indexExists performance in Oracle
- [CORE-1924] - SQLServer diff - DATETIME2 not being handled correctly
- [CORE-2005] - /usr/bin/liquibase: Syntax error: "else" unexpected
- [CORE-2018] - Quotes stripped from index filter_conditions on snapshot
- [CORE-2019] - Comments in empty rollback prevent execution
- [CORE-2041] - Escaping of reserved keywords in HSQLDB
- [CORE-2096] - DiffChangeLog with changed indexes generates drop/add in the wrong order
- [CORE-2109] - dropAll fails for statements the database requires to run non-transactionally
- [CORE-2113] - Informix text datatype fixes
- [CORE-2133] - Oracle: GenerateChangeLog of a table with DEFAULT VALUE NULL creates defaultValueComputed="NULL"
- [CORE-2167] - Issues with generateChangeLog of unique constraints on DB2
- [CORE-2169] - offline mode seems non-deterministic
- [CORE-2178] - Fatal exception acquiring lock in SQL Server databases with case-sensitive collation
- [CORE-2196] - Ant: "Unable to update database." without explanation
- [CORE-2209] - Oracle snapshot sometimes creates "GENERATED ALWAYS AS (null)"
- [CORE-2211] - Liquibase tries to execute commented lines in custom SQL file
- [CORE-2219] - DB2 for zOs - adding primary key always emits REORG but REORG does not exist on Db2 for zOs
- [CORE-2222] - TIMESTAMP parameters dropped for PostgreSQL
- [CORE-2224] - Index uniqueness is not always recognized correctly
- [CORE-2227] - CLONE - UpdateSQL needs to append a "/" to the end of createProcedure for Oracle
- [CORE-2232] - Support schema other than public on PostgreSQL
- [CORE-2233] - Oracle Timestamp precision lost in generateChangeLog
- [CORE-2234] - columnExists precondition could be much faster (Oracle, mssql)
- [CORE-2237] - YamlChangeLogSerializer does not correctly serialize a changeset
- [CORE-2251] - Adding column with type DATETIME doesn't work for PostgreSQL
- [CORE-2252] - XMLChangeLogSerializer writes array object for rollback tag content
- [CORE-2253] - Handle oracle varchar <-> clob conversions in diffChangeLog
- [CORE-2256] - Drop Sequences before Tables
- [CORE-2266] - DiffChangeLog: Invalid changelog when a primary key backing index is changed
- [CORE-2267] - Rollback fails for mixed-case objects created with QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS
- [CORE-2270] - Doubledash inside quoted text causes parsing error
- [CORE-2271] - CLONE - DiffChangeLog: Invalid changelog when a unique constraint backing index is changed
- [CORE-2272] - DiffChangeLog must drop foreign keys before primary keys
- [CORE-2273] - Oracle char column snapshot not differentiating between a default value of 0 and '0'
- [CORE-2275] - YAML update fails with Unexpected error running Liquibase: java.util.LinkedHashMap cannot be cast to java.util.List
- [CORE-2281] - Oracle snapshot performance issue with many multiple views
- [CORE-2291] - ObjectQuotingStrategy not reset correctly after changeSet
- [CORE-2295] - includeAll tries to load all files instead only *.xml
- [CORE-2300] - Unsigned Int / Bigint cannot be created
- [CORE-2305] - Snapshot output too verbose
- [CORE-2316] - Data type registry occasionally returns wrong data type implementation
- [CORE-2321] - Liquibase tag command tags too much
- [CORE-2324] - diffChangeLog does not handle changes in sequence incrementBy, maxValue or ordered
- [CORE-2331] - Support for MSSQL collation in data type description broken
- [CORE-2340] - Add support for extensions to override the built-in change log, snapshot serializers
- [CORE-2355] - Improve updateSQL performance
- [CORE-2361] - preConditions, rollback, property, include, includeAll cannot be serialized
- [CORE-2373] - Local DTD files not found in subdirectory
- [CORE-2378] - Adding a new "CustomChange" triggers ClassNotFoundException
- [CORE-2380] - Support reading of gzip files
- [CORE-2381] - Fix unique constraint generator for informix
- [CORE-2383] - Change formatted SQL stripComments default from "true" to "false"
- [CORE-2385] - IncludeAll does not work when runing liquibase from inside a jar
- [CORE-2387] - dropPrimaryKey without constraint name on sql server doesn't query schema correctly
- [CORE-2388] - Views not equal in different schemas
- [CORE-2390] - NullPointerException when generating changelog
- [CORE-2391] - column type doesn't respect unsigned
- [CORE-2393] - changeSet contexts created with maven generateChangeLog are in parentheses
- [CORE-2401] - MSSQL handling timestamp according to sql standard, not sqlserver usage
- [CORE-2402] - Oracle NCLOB defaultValues not read correctly
Changes in version 3.3.5 (2015.05.28)
[CORE-2379] - Project.version set to 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT in 3.3.4 final
Changes in version 3.3.4 (2015.05.27)
[CORE-2360] - Maven - Skip is active by default
[CORE-2199] - Liquibase adds a semicolon after a stored proc definition making the stored proc unusable
[CORE-2344] - Unknown host exception on OS RHEL 6.5
[CORE-2346] - IncludeAll does not work when runing liquibase from inside a jar
[CORE-2357] - alterSequence does not work as expected when you need to change the cache size
[CORE-2366] - Derby Network server works with command line but not with maven "Liquibase skipped due to maven configuration"
[CORE-2368] - No SQL outputted for <update> change
Changes in version 3.3.3 (2015.04.28)
[CORE-1768] - Oracle dropAll fails on spatial tables and sequences
[CORE-1840] - Liquibase fails when run on a computer that can't connect to the internet
[CORE-1857] - Wrong column size detection on varchar2 fields with char as datatype
[CORE-1866] - Filtering changelog list by includeAll tag is not working
[CORE-1943] - Handle Error: InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() UnknownHostException results in NoClassDefFoundError
[CORE-1958] - Column type of "TIMESTAMP(6)" under MySql converted to TIMESTAMP dropping fractional seconds
[CORE-1967] - includeAll uses full file path for sql changelogs
[CORE-2023] - Problem using includeAll with SpringLiquibase
[CORE-2126] - Postgres 9.3 - Drop table With Cascade - Not Supported
[CORE-2156] - Resource loader can't load changelog file
[CORE-2186] - AbstractResourceAccessor#convertToPath(String, String) fails for processing includeAll from Classpath
[CORE-2192] - NoSuchMethodException when generating offline Oracle migration script
[CORE-2199] - Liquibase adds a semicolon after a stored proc definition making the stored proc unusable
[CORE-2202] - inverted boolean
[CORE-2204] - valueNumeric not being set when using prepared statements
[CORE-2206] - diffChangeLog with JPA-annotated entities causes ConcurrentModificationException
[CORE-2208] - Typo in message
[CORE-2210] - java.lang.NullPointerException when file is empty
[CORE-2214] - When inserting string value starting and ending with apostrophes (quotes) the value is not quoted in the generated SQL
[CORE-2218] - Regression on modifyDataType : VARCHAR2 was supported on 3.2...and fails on 3.3
[CORE-2239] - Remarks attribute in renameColumn causes parse error
[CORE-2240] - setDropFirst(true) still broken on empty database
[CORE-2262] - 3.3.2 ant task dies on NPE in ChangeLogParameters
[CORE-2263] - Index Snapshot - doesn't include upper cased name indexes when db is NOT case sensitive
[CORE-2274] - Ant Upade Task does not consider changeLogFile correctly if it is contained in a JAR
[CORE-2279] - Rollback fails in MS SQL 2008 using liquibase 3.3.2
[CORE-2284] - Creating a DatabaseChangeLog() results in NPE
[CORE-2290] - Liquibase gives different results from Ant and the command line
[CORE-2301] - Regression from 3.2.3 in mssql 2000 unsupported usage of varchar(max) and sys.extenden_properties
[CORE-2304] - Autoincrement on type INT4 fails
[CORE-2310] - IncludeAll Fails with Unknown Reason Error
[CORE-2315] - NPE in CommandlineResourceAccessor
[CORE-2325] - Liquibase - New versions break DB create
[CORE-2329] - Escaped reserved keywords in HSQL are stored in lower case instead of upper case.
[CORE-2330] - includeAll uses full file path with includeAll
[CORE-2261] - UpdateSQL needs to append a "/" to the end of createProcedure for Oracle
[CORE-2287] - Improve support for Groovy-based tests in Eclipse
[CORE-2296] - Upgrade Groovy and Spock to maintained versions
[CORE-2318] - Add support for converting BigDecimal objects to a SQL string via DataTypeFactory
Changes in version 3.3.2 (2015.01.08)
- Support for ignoring objects in diffChangeLog and generateChangeLog
- Bugfixes
- [CORE-875] - Ignore tables for diffs and generateChangelog
- [CORE-1877] - SQLOutput prints endDelimiter regexes
- [CORE-2114] - AddAutoIncrement on Postgres does not work when changes are applied on a specific schema
- [CORE-2141] - handling dependencies and WAR as classpath
- [CORE-2166] - SpringLiquibase: includeAll within jar causes SetupException
- [CORE-2172] - dropPrimaryKey without constraint name on sql server doesn't honour schema information
- [CORE-2174] - Bad exception handling in OracleDatabase.setConnection
- [CORE-2180] - NPE with bad name
- [CORE-2182] - ClassLoader leak due to shutdown hooks
Changes in version 3.3.1 (2014.12.08)
- IncludeAll bugfixes
- Performance improvements
- Datatype handling fixes
- Fix for JSON parsing
- Other bugfixes
- [CORE-1920] - SpringLiqubase includeAll is not including files
- [CORE-2009] - ClassCastException when executing a custom task change (AntClassLoader problem)
- [CORE-2097] - "mvn liquibase:futureRollbackSQL" asks for tag, count or date
- [CORE-2099] - SQLAnywhere support (Driver not capable)
- [CORE-2103] - changelogSchemaName/changelogCatalogName configuration options will not work on Oracle DB
- [CORE-2104] - ConcurrentModificationException iterating over System.getProperties().entrySet()
- [CORE-2105] - Maven profile performing dropAll and update on Oracle failing with an error on populated database.
- [CORE-2107] - LOWER() keyword fails on Postgres createIndex task
- [CORE-2108] - dropAll command trying to drop column on table that has already been dropped
- [CORE-2114] - AddAutoIncrement on Postgres does not work when changes are applied on a specific schema
- [CORE-2116] - Could not find implementation of liquibase.logging.Logger
- [CORE-2118] - Change default diffChangeLog/generateChangeLog objectQuotingStrategy back to LEGACY
- [CORE-2119] - Bad finally block in SpringLiquibase.afterPropertiesSet()
- [CORE-2120] - LoadUpdateData with value=NUMERIC quoting values
- [CORE-2121] - DB2: DiffChangeLog/GenerateChangeLog/DropAll sees alias column and tries to drop/add them
- [CORE-2127] - updateSQL creates duplicate DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK tables
- [CORE-2130] - setFetchSize to a negative value breaks Oracle JDBC Driver
- [CORE-2134] - ExecuteCommand won't run with no os attribute.
- [CORE-2136] - Mysql must quote PARTITION as a keyword
- [CORE-2137] - Special characters (&#13;) copied during generateChangelog on DB2/400
- [CORE-2139] - H2Database.supportsDropTableCascadeConstraints() returns false
- [CORE-2141] - handling dependencies and WAR as classpath
- [CORE-2142] - generateChangeLog not including all columns in a table
- [CORE-2146] - snakeyaml is pulled in as transitive dependency for using projects
- [CORE-2149] - Liquibase command line fails
- [CORE-2150] - On the 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT, liquibase --version returns 3.2.0
- [CORE-2153] - Liquibase 3.2.1 is no longer compatible with Oracle 9
- [CORE-2155] - diffTypes=data fails with java.sql.SQLException: Attribute value not valid (dataOutputDirectory attribute causes build to fail)
- [CORE-2156] - Resource loader can't load changelog file
- [CORE-2157] - SQLException if there are single quotes in ChangeSet
- [CORE-2159] - Datetime2 no longer used for MSSQL
- [CORE-2161] - includeAll relativeToChangelogFile="true" doesn't work
- [CORE-2164] - SpringLiquibase: includeAll within jar causes NullPointerException
- [CORE-2115] - Really slow when using fat jars
- [CORE-2125] - Make DatabaseChangeLog#include(String, boolean, ResourceAccessor) public
- [CORE-2148] - Build failure on jdk-1.8
- [CORE-2152] - Change logs in json format not processed by liquibase - parsing errors
Changes in version 3.3.0 (2014.11.03)
- New "label" attribute on changeSet
- New empty and output change tags
- Support for clustered/nonclustered primary keys and indexes
- Saving of remarks in mysql and mssql
- Official RPM and DEB packages
- Refactoring/update of Ant integration
- [CORE-16] – Support for “nonclustered” primary keys in mssql
- [CORE-54] – Support System Properties in Maven Plugin
- [CORE-1528] – Installer for Liquibase
- [CORE-1598] – support for rename sequence
- [CORE-1914] – New Change function: output
- [CORE-1942] – Support for changeSet “labels”
- [CORE-549] – relativeToChangelogFile for loadData, loadUpdateData, sqlFile
- [CORE-1438] – createView should support having the entire view definition in the change body
- [CORE-1502] – CLONE – UpdateSQL needs to append a “/” to the end of createProcedure for Oracle
- [CORE-1654] – logicalFilePath support in formatted sql
- [CORE-1660] – “remarks” attribute is ignored in MSSQL
- [CORE-1932] – support for encrypted passwords / custom properties
- [CORE-1946] – Have a rpm package for liquibase (built with maven)
- [CORE-1963] – Ability to define full CREATE VIEW statement in <createView> change.
- [CORE-1990] – Preserve inline comments in view snapshots in mssql
- [CORE-2060] – Support files with unknown properties
- [CORE-2061] – Improvements to Informix support
- [CORE-2062] – Add onlyUpdate flag to loadUpdateData
- [CORE-2064] – Use ignoreClassPathPrefix for rollback as well
- [CORE-2065] – Use DOUBLE PRECISION for DOUBLE with Firebird
- [CORE-2066] – Support for –outputFile in command line
- [CORE-2067] – Refactor Ant Task codebase
- [CORE-2068] – New liquibase.hostDescription property for additional details in the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table
- [CORE-2069] – Use prepared statement in <update> change whenever a clob type is used
- [CORE-2072] – Do not include Oracle internal tables in snapshot/diff
- [CORE-870] – Postgres, in an ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN statement, sometimes needs USING clause
- [CORE-945] – Oracle : Temporary tables are created as regular tables
- [CORE-1463] – Views not generated correctly with generateChangelog
- [CORE-1556] – remarks attribute ignored for mysql
- [CORE-1723] – unable to update on DB2/400, version V6R1, on jt400-6.7.jar
- [CORE-1745] – afterColumn not working in MySQL
- [CORE-1774] – Autocommit not restored on close in SpringLiquibase
- [CORE-1882] – NullPointerException when MySQL foreign key points to an invalid table
- [CORE-1919] – SpringLiquibase fails when dropFirst is true
- [CORE-1922] – Sequence is not a reserved object name in HSQLDB
- [CORE-1925] – liquibase scripts can not represent clustered indexes
- [CORE-1937] – Oracle Float and VARCHAR precisions in changelog generated by generateChangeLog are incorrect
- [CORE-1952] – liquibase loadData does not properly load numeric field in boolean always as false
- [CORE-1956] – Double and float converted to FLOAT8(*, 17) and FLOAT4(*, 8) in PostgreSQL
- [CORE-1958] – Column type of “TIMESTAMP(6)” under MySql converted to TIMESTAMP dropping fractional seconds
- [CORE-1974] – dbchangelog-3.1.xsd missing <empty>
- [CORE-1977] – CreateSequence with cacheSize=0 failing on Oracle
- [CORE-1979] – MSSQL should not include parameters in SYSNAME data types
- [CORE-1981] – Parameters set in included file are no longer set in 3.2.0
- [CORE-1982] – Snapshot outputs defautlValueDate as defaultValueComputed on MSSQL for dates not in ISO format with a T in the middle
- [CORE-1986] – includeAll from changeLogs within a jar is not working
- [CORE-1988] – Reported size for Oracle NVARCHAR2 columns is wrong
- [CORE-1993] – Drop table with cascade is not supported by Sybase
- [CORE-1996] – addNotNullConstraint on h2 database has unexpected side effects
- [CORE-1997] – Bit changelog default value of 1 executed as 0
- [CORE-2002] – AbstractResourceAccessor generates path in a unpredictable way
- [CORE-2010] – Oracle data type SDO_GEOMETRY snapshotted as SDO_GEOMETRY(1)
- [CORE-2014] – applyToRollback property ignored when rollback changes are specified
- [CORE-2015] – DiffChangeLog writes to the wrong point in the file on windows if file uses \n not \r\n
- [CORE-2020] – Oracle default value current_timestamp converted to systimestamp
- [CORE-2021] – Column remarks not snapshotted in mssql
- [CORE-2026] – Oracle columns of type ANYDATA are snapshotted with a size
- [CORE-2028] – generateChangeLog on SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 throws DatabaseException Driver Not Capable
- [CORE-2032] – Snapshot incorrectly including clob/blob sizes on diff
- [CORE-2051] – Not quoting VIEW params with spaces when snapshotting
- [CORE-2054] – Add new “computed” column attribute to differentiate between an actual column name and a function as a column
- [CORE-2063] – Fix for H2 autoincrement “start with” and “increment by” syntax
- [CORE-2070] – dropAllForeignKeyConstraints does not work on Firebird databases
- [CORE-2075] – generateChangelog generates bad definition for TIME type
- [CORE-2080] – Liquibase “empty” change not present in XSD version 3.2
- [CORE-2081] – PrimaryKeyExists precondition without tableName is broken
- [CORE-2082] – Column snapshot on PostgreSQL does not include precision information for numeric data type
- [CORE-2087] – Executing against Oracle doesn’t respect liquibaseSchemaName or liquibaseCatalogName
- [CORE-2088] – outputDefaultSchema and outputDefaultCatalog command line parameters not respected
- [CORE-2093] – Error: Property ‘relativeToChangelogFile’ not found on object type liquibase.change.core.LoadDataChange
- [CORE-2094] – Liquibase.dropAll() should reset the lock service
- [CORE-2095] – Invalid generated changeset for mysql bit with defaultValue 0
Changes in version 3.2.3 (2014.11.03)
- Bugfixes
- [CORE-1919] – SpringLiquibase fails when dropFirst is true
- [CORE-1987] – “mvn liquibase:diff” does not find any differences between databases
- [CORE-1988] – Reported size for Oracle NVARCHAR2 columns is wrong
- [CORE-1989] – Cannot set objectQuotingStrategy on root databaseChangeLog node
- [CORE-2002] – AbstractResourceAccessor generates path in a unpredictable way
- [CORE-2003] – Could not find implementation of liquibase.logging.Logger
- [CORE-2042] – If liquibase.jar is nested in another jar/war/ear, it fails to start with a “cannot find implementation of liquibase.logging.Logger” error
- [CORE-2058] – Load/Update tags should use “is null” not “= null” for null comparisons
- [CORE-2070] – dropAllForeignKeyConstraints does not work on Firebird databases
- [CORE-2075] – generateChangelog generates bad definition for TIME type
- [CORE-2080] – Liquibase “empty” change not present in XSD version 3.2
- [CORE-2065] – Use DOUBLE PRECISION for DOUBLE with Firebird
- [CORE-54] – Support System Properties in Maven Plugin
Changes in version 3.2.2 (2014.07.23)
- Fix for bug in checksum computation vs. 3.1.1
- [CORE-1938] - defaultValueNumeric="0" or defaultValue="0" is translated to 0.0
- [CORE-1950] - Checksum validation failed after Liquibase upgrade (3.1.1 -> 3.2.0)
- [CORE-1959] - generateChangeLog without changeLogFile - better error message
Changes in version 3.2.1 (2014.07.18)
- Fixes to checksums on valueNumeric, defaultValueNumeric fields
- Fixes to checksums on createProcuedure and sql changes
- Fixed null pointer exception performing a tag
- Fixes to Spring support
- Fixed issue handling changeSet with multiple comments
- Fix support for sqlFile tags in rollback
- Fixed sqlFile not using changelog parameters
- Other bug fixes
- [CORE-1844] - bulkFetch of foreign keys on Oracle is very slow
- [CORE-1918] - Multiple comment blocks in changesets no longer works
- [CORE-1920] - SpringLiqubase includeAll is not including files
- [CORE-1922] - 3.2.0 Regression due to CORE-1721
- [CORE-1923] - Error raised: Unknown Reason when doing tagging via command line
- [CORE-1930] - Snapshot command returns no information on MSSQL
- [CORE-1933] - [3.0.8 -> 3.2.0] pom.xml: 2Mb of superfluous dependencies
- [CORE-1934] - file path in databasechangelog is absoulte since liquibase 3.2.0 when using includeAll inside a jar
- [CORE-1936] - NullPointerException while diffing database against hibernate.cfg.xml
- [CORE-1938] - defaultValueNumeric="0" or defaultValue="0" is translated to 0.0
- [CORE-1940] - Maximum Oracle Sequence fails to be parsed as a BigInteger
- [CORE-1944] - NullPointerException when tagging through Ant before applying changesets
- [CORE-1947] - Liquibase dependency to jetty-servlet/velocity should be <optional>true</optional>
- [CORE-1950] - Checksum validation failed after Liquibase upgrade (3.1.1 -> 3.2.0)
- [CORE-1957] - Using VARCHAR2 column type fails for Hsqldb running in oracle syntax mode
- [CORE-1960] - "Could not find implementation of liquibase.logging.Logger" starts appearing after migration from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0
- [CORE-1970] - NullPointerException on rollback with <sqlFile> tag
- [CORE-1746] - Support <sqlFile> parameters
- [CORE-1951] - Regression on 3.2.0 : --diffTypes=data generates Unknown Reason Exception
Changes in version 3.2.0 (2014.06.02)
- Support for and/or/not logic in context expressions
- Better matching of default schemas in database comparisons
- Improvements to resource accessor logic
- Improved memory usage when diffing data
- Improved UTF8 usage
- Better handling if TIMESTAMP [WITH | WITHOUT] TIME ZONE datatypes in pgsql
- Standardization of parsing logic across XML/YAML and JSON
- New command line function: snapshot
- Start of SDK for easier Liquibase extension development and testing:
--- Database watch command
--- Standard "sdk workspace"
--- Beta version of database vagrant configurations
- Snapshot listener interface
- [CORE-1742] - Standardized system for managing configuration options in core and extensions
- [CORE-1751] - More detailed API for returning changeSet statuses
- [CORE-1783] - Command line option: snapshot
- [CORE-1815] - Liquibase SDK command to easily watch database
- [CORE-1821] - Snapshot listener interface
- [CORE-1116] - Allow for both "AND" and "OR" specifications of which contexts to run
- [CORE-1422] - Support changeset comments in formatted SQL
- [CORE-1536] - Support specifying the referenceDefaultSchemaName for diff operations
- [CORE-1635] - Generated changelog missing unique constraints should be output before foreign keys
- [CORE-1682] - More machine-independent handling of filesystem-located resources
- [CORE-1695] - Better handling of Postgres timestamp with/without time zone
- [CORE-1706] - Excessive reading from databasechangelog table
- [CORE-1726] - Added offline parameter to generate insert databasechangelog statements
- [CORE-1758] - Add outputDefaultSchema flags to ant
- [CORE-1776] - System-independent checksums
- [CORE-1823] - Search for in classpath in additional to local filesystem
- [CORE-1874] - Improve XML and other parsers for better extensiblity
- [CORE-1905] - Yaml parser supports .yml extension as well as .yaml
- [CORE-209] - Double Create Database Lock Table using updateSQL
- [CORE-421] - NPE in MySqlDatabaseSnapshot during diff operation when "enum" or "timestamp" column was removed from table
- [CORE-461] - Wrong datatypes for timestamps generated with generateChangeLog
- [CORE-871] - Unable to use changeSetPath in rollback tag to refer to another change log file
- [CORE-877] - Bug with column type "TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE"
- [CORE-976] - GenerateChangeLog with data: java heap space error
- [CORE-1097] - Liquibase adds a semicolon after a stored proc definition making the stored proc unusable
- [CORE-1108] - Oracle : Unable to create complex primary key for loadUpdateData
- [CORE-1284] - Memory leak in ExecutorService
- [CORE-1563] - dropAll does not delete Sequences on Derby
- [CORE-1572] - Regression: diff generates full schema instead of changes when using liquibase-hibernate4
- [CORE-1578] - changeset checksum calculates differently on linux and windows
- [CORE-1601] - updateSql generates SQL with unexpected linefeeds, breaks SQLPlus
- [CORE-1642] - Special character issue after upgrade
- [CORE-1643] - DB2: defaultSchemaName and changelogSchemaName are not respected
- [CORE-1650] - dropAll doesn't work on Informix
- [CORE-1668] - defaultSchemaName ignored on createTable in H2
- [CORE-1673] - Empty default value is not recorded for MySQL
- [CORE-1676] - Colons in changeSet IDs no longer supported
- [CORE-1688] - The 'valuum' extension seems not to be working under version 3.0.8 of liquibase
- [CORE-1701] - Oracle: snapshot of default date/time values come back as to_date functions
- [CORE-1714] - 2->3.1 migration error
- [CORE-1715] - 2 -> 3.1 migration, 3.1 errors if there are single quotes in comments
- [CORE-1718] - foreignKeyConstraintExists precondition fails with constraints on unique keys
- [CORE-1721] - HsqlDatabase.escapeObjectName(...) ignores QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS
- [CORE-1727] - Drop default constraint syntax for DB2 not correct
- [CORE-1728] - Only sequence name is captured by snapshot process and used in generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1733] - Data in diffChangeLog coming through as one row per changeSet
- [CORE-1734] - updateSQL is not including content from sqlFile (at least not when ran from Linux)
- [CORE-1739] - Liquibase ignores Oracle varchar precision
- [CORE-1743] - Snapshot VARCHAR(MAX) correctly on sqlserver
- [CORE-1744] - Derby: UpdateSQL not including creating databasechangeloglock table if needed
- [CORE-1748] - Maven Plugin does not use outputDefaultCatalog property
- [CORE-1750] - liquibase-modify-column 3.0 broken with liquibase-core 3.1.1
- [CORE-1752] - Oracle XML Datatype snapshot containing size
- [CORE-1753] - HSQLDB 1.8 does not support catalogs
- [CORE-1754] - Default value functions on Oracle snapshoted as "defaultValue"
- [CORE-1755] - DefaultValueComputed is quoted for Char, Varchar, Clob, MediumInt and SmallInt types
- [CORE-1756] - Oracle indexes with functions not returned correctly in generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1765] - Failed to drop a VIEW pointing on not existing table from another schema
- [CORE-1767] - Oracle snapshot not capturing all indexes
- [CORE-1772] - Informix cannot drop constraints
- [CORE-1774] - Autocommit not restored on close in SpringLiquibase
- [CORE-1775] - Informix error when creating primary key
- [CORE-1779] - User Defined Types Come back with Unnecessary Size specifier in diff
- [CORE-1782] - dropALL fails when tables are referenced by other tables in another schema
- [CORE-1784] - GenerateChangeLog with objects in multiple schemas returns objects from multiple schemas and empty createTable statements
- [CORE-1788] - dropAll does not work in not default schemas using postgresql
- [CORE-1794] - Drop index failing for sybase
- [CORE-1797] - Autoincrement on type Serial8 fails
- [CORE-1798] - Invalid type syntax in Informix for Int(10) and SMALLINT(5) and FRACTION(3)
- [CORE-1799] - Attempted recreation of DATABASECHANGELOG in informix
- [CORE-1817] - Foreign Key Constraints Built on Unique Constraints are not captured in generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1818] - SQL Server "smalldatetime" converted to "datetime" on update
- [CORE-1824] - GUID Default values not quoted correctly in MSSQL
- [CORE-1828] - sqlFile should fail when file does not exists
- [CORE-1831] - CREATE/DROP INDEX issue: Sybase ASE 15.7.0
- [CORE-1834] - generateChangeLog creates DOUBLE(22) instead of double in MySql
- [CORE-1840] - Liquibase fails when run on a computer that can't connect to the internet
- [CORE-1843] - includeAll does not alphabetize classpath loaded files
- [CORE-1853] - Liquibase generates invalid SQL for 'character varying' type
- [CORE-1856] - Ability for Change classes to verify update and rollback succeeded
- [CORE-1859] - DataTypeFactory doesn't take database into account
- [CORE-1861] - MSSQLDatabase.isCaseSensitive() provides a wrong information
- [CORE-1878] - Maven plugin behaviour different than command line with the same parameters
- [CORE-1881] - Case sensitivity issue with tableExists precondition
- [CORE-1893] - type="DATETIME" in changelog is converted to TIMESTAMP in MySql
- [CORE-1899] - Non-existing referenced sql files doesn't report error
- [CORE-1901] - DropPrimaryKey - Fails in Postgres
- [CORE-1906] - Diff between objects in different named default schemas doesn't see them as the same object
- [CORE-1912] - Unit tests fail due to dependency on system time zone
Changes in version 3.1.1 (2014.01.16)
Bug Fix release. Most critical bug is CORE-1704
- [CORE-1704] - Checksum errors for changeSets with createProcedure in 3.1.0 vs 3.0.x
- [CORE-1707] - TableRowCountGenerator shouldn't pass tableName as catalogName
- [CORE-1710] - Oracle: NUMBER data type size specification is deployed with a precision specifier even though precision isn't specified in the change log
- [CORE-1711] - rowCount doesn't work if only the tableName is given
- [CORE-1713] - liquibase.precondition.core.ForeignKeyExistsPrecondition exception
- [CORE-1715] - Errors if there are single quotes in comments
- [CORE-1709] - generateChangeLog returns tables created by Materialized Views as standard tables
Changes in version 3.1.0 (2014.01.09)
- Major Changes:
Offline Datatabase Support
CreateProcedures supports external files and dbms attribute
New dropProcedure change
New tableIsEmpty precondition
New rowCount precondition
Mysql enum & set support
Mysql date/time/timestamp size parameter support
MSSQL 2012 sequence support
General Sybase & DB2 improvements
Change- and precondition- level callbacks in ChangeExecListener
Extensions can define custom XSDs and namespaces
Maven support for futureRollbackSql command
- [CORE-1424] - SQL Generation ignores DATETIME parameters
- [CORE-1579] - DefaultPackageScanClassResolver should suppress LinkageErrors
- [CORE-1626] - createIndex does not work for function based indexes anymore
- [CORE-1659] - "dbms" attribute is ignored for "sql" tag inside "rollback"
- [CORE-1666] - CommandLineResourceAccessor throwing exception from getResourceAsStream()
- [CORE-1669] - DB2Database the method getDefaultCatalogName returns the defaultSchemaName.
- [CORE-1677] - Default Sybase schema name
- [CORE-1680] - DbDoc fails with NullPointerException
- [CORE-1685] - NPE at SchemaComparator
- [CORE-1692] - generateChangeLog does not handle sets correct
- [CORE-1693] - SqlCheck precondition's 'expectedResult' accounts for the amount of columns instead of the amount of rows
- [CORE-1696] - Syntax error in command line UNIX shell script
- [CORE-1698] - Add FormattedSQL support for comma separated list dbms attribute
- [CORE-1428] - Support Springs classpath*: prefix for includeAll
- [CORE-1458] - Maven support for futureRollbackSql
- [CORE-1473] - JSON/YAML support for onFail/onError and onFailMessage/onErrorMessage on preconditions
- [CORE-1474] - Support 'dbms' attribute on <createProcedure>
- [CORE-1476] - Support reading unique constraints and sequences in DB2 for iSeries
- [CORE-1544] - liquibase-maven-plugin: diffChangeLog goal is missing
- [CORE-1638] - SnapshotGenerator extension system does not allow replacement of generators
- [CORE-1639] - Support foreignKeyConstraintExists precondition specifying table and columns instead of name
- [CORE-1656] - Extension to allow updateSql without a live database connection
- [CORE-1657] - Extension support for external DatabaseChangeLog tables
- [CORE-1663] - Support replaceIfExists for createView on H2
- [CORE-1671] - Add millisecond precision Time, Timestamp, and DateTime for MySQL
- [CORE-1681] - Log change and precondition execution into the ChangeExecListener
- [CORE-641] - Support ${} params in included sql files
- [CORE-883] - updateSQL without database access
- [CORE-929] - Support for ordering of columns in addColumn
- [CORE-1310] - Support column remarks for mysql
- [CORE-1513] - tableIsEmpty precondition
- [CORE-1514] - rowCount precondition
- [CORE-1558] - Modify Liquibase to allow extensions to specify prefix for xml tags
- [CORE-1617] - dropProcedure change
- [CORE-1618] - Support defining createProcedure body in an external file
- [CORE-1661] - Add support for MSSQL sequences
Changes in version 3.0.8 (2013.12.12)
- Major Changes:
Improvements to data type handling
Bug fixes
Performance improvements
- [CORE-1224] - Enum column types are not appropriately represented in the change log created by generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1299] - modifyDataType does not auto reorg on DB2
- [CORE-1302] - MySQL syntax for autoincrement column with start value
- [CORE-1357] - Postgresql sequences create error in log files
- [CORE-1368] - Unable to recreate DB from generated change logs
- [CORE-1427] - Not generateChangeLog properly for INT2 type for Postgres
- [CORE-1430] - When I was in sybase database using liquibase create the index, reported "information_schema.constraints" not found error
- [CORE-1432] - Liquibase H2 InsertOrUpdateGeneratorH2 fails if primary key column name contains $ character
- [CORE-1446] - Liquibase changelog generation can add linefeed to defaultValueComputed if last column
- [CORE-1454] - Precondition negation does not seem to work
- [CORE-1455] - Value not taken into account when inserting data with YAML
- [CORE-1484] - very poor performance of dropAll on Oracle
- [CORE-1496] - Custom Change validation happening before being fully initialized
- [CORE-1531] - includeAll with relativeToChangeLogFile fails under certain conditions
- [CORE-1537] - Liquibase: diffChangeLog on DB2 performing out of order steps
- [CORE-1538] - diffChangeLog for DB2 injects invalid characters in xml
- [CORE-1540] - Call 'Reorg table' after modifyDataType on DB2
- [CORE-1541] - Column type="LONGVARCHAR" fails
- [CORE-1545] - Oracle wrong LONG datatype declaration
- [CORE-1547] - CLONE - H2 (and other) support for BLOB and CLOB is incorrect
- [CORE-1548] - Oracle Data Type: DATE - defaultValueComputed should be defaultValue
- [CORE-1549] - Oracle Data Type: INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH - returned at "INTERNAL(2) YEAR"
- [CORE-1550] - Oracle Data Type: NCLOB - Receive SQL error when specifying NCLOB size
- [CORE-1551] - Oracle Data Type: NCHAR
- [CORE-1552] - Oracle Data Type: NVARCHAR2 - Column sizing is wrong
- [CORE-1553] - dropDefaultValue does not work on SQL Server
- [CORE-1554] - dbDoc for Informix IDS
- [CORE-1555] - Oracle UID reserved word not detected
- [CORE-1557] - Mysql: BLOB type changes to LONGBLOB
- [CORE-1559] - Columns defined as "serial" are created as "int" without autoincrement in Postgres
- [CORE-1562] - update throws Recoverable Exception
- [CORE-1564] - Broken links in dbDoc
- [CORE-1566] - DB2 Datatype - DBCLOB, GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC doubling datatype size
- [CORE-1567] - DB2 Datatype - defaultValueComputed being used instead of defaultValue for DBCLOB, TIME, TIMESTAMP, DATE
- [CORE-1568] - DB2 Datatype - REAL and XML should not have datatype sizes
- [CORE-1571] - updateDatabase can't find a changelog
- [CORE-1572] - Regression: diff generates full schema instead of changes when using liquibase-hibernate4
- [CORE-1580] - Mysql SET type not handled correctly
- [CORE-1581] - modifyDataType ignores additional info of newDataType
- [CORE-1582] - SQLServer datatype for TIMESTAMP
- [CORE-1583] - Wrong datatype with renameColumn
- [CORE-1584] - Unable do rollback not in transaction block
- [CORE-1586] - MySQL DataType - defaultValueComputed being injected into TIMESTAMP, VARBINARY, BINARY, YEAR
- [CORE-1587] - MySQL Datatype - VARBINARY vs LONGBLOB confusion
- [CORE-1588] - MySQL DataType - BIT size and default not captured on Snapshot
- [CORE-1589] - MySQL DataType - BLOB becomes LONGBLOB
- [CORE-1590] - MySQL DataType - DOUBLE sizing not persisted on snapshot
- [CORE-1591] - MySQL DataType - TIME not persisting seconds (getting hours and I've got that going for me.)
- [CORE-1592] - MySQL DataType - TEXT converted to LONGTEXT
- [CORE-1594] - PostgreSQL 'bigserial' type is automatically converted to 'bigint'
- [CORE-1595] - Schema version incompatibility is logged as INFO instead of WARN
- [CORE-1596] - Liquibase 3.0.5 will not create tables in dbo schema in SQL Server
- [CORE-1597] - ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded
- [CORE-1600] - "Collation" and "Lateral" are not escaped in Postgres (new reserved words in v9.3)
- [CORE-1602] - DatabaseException in changesets that include date fields with default values
- [CORE-1603] - MySQL Datatype - BIGINT, INT, MEDIUMINT, SMALLINT, TINYINT all "shaving" off sizes
- [CORE-1606] - MySQL - TEXT vs. LONGTEXT for diffChangeLog presents CLOB
- [CORE-1607] - MSSQL java.sql.Types.TIMESTAMP should map to DateTime
- [CORE-1610] - MSSQL - NTEXT type being snapshot with MSSQL driver default size parameter.
- [CORE-1611] - Avoid reverse DNS lookup with getLocalHost().getHostName();
- [CORE-1612] - YAML/JSON changelogs not picking up "value" attribute on column configs
- [CORE-1614] - mysql case insensitive affects databasechangelog creation
- [CORE-1615] - Failed to drop default value in MSSQL
- [CORE-1616] - SQLFileChange uses too many file descriptors
- [CORE-1619] - MSSQL: preconditions treat object names in a case-sensitive way
- [CORE-1622] - Ant not respecting diffTypes=data
- [CORE-1623] - MSSQL: precondition primaryKeyExists doesn't work
- [CORE-1625] - H2 Blob Type support is incorrect
- [CORE-1626] - createIndex does not work for function based indexes anymore
- [CORE-1627] - Option 'diffTypes' does not accept type 'indexes'
- [CORE-1632] - It's impossible to setup Logger's log level with system property 'liquibase.defaultlogger.level'
- [CORE-1636] - Case sensitivity issue with tableExists precondition
- [CORE-1640] - foreignKeyExists precondition always failing
- [CORE-1641] - Add column with foreign key throws NPE
- [CORE-1644] - ValidationFailedException after update to 3.0.7
- [CORE-1646] - Exception when comparing two schemas
- [CORE-1647] - Mysql enum default values not quoted
- [CORE-1648] - Mysql columns with colons and other special chars are not quoted
- [CORE-1664] - MSSQL. "DATE" type doesn't exist for MSSQL 2005 and 2000.
- [CORE-1382] - Allow to create DATABASECHANGELOG* tables in another schema
- [CORE-1546] - Schema-Support on Informix
- [CORE-1577] - Oracle tinyint, smallint, int being created as number(38,0)
- [CORE-1604] - Minor maven pom cleanups
- [CORE-1635] - Generated changelog missing unique constraints should be output before foreign keys
Changes in version 3.0.7 (2013.10.24)
- Major Changes:
Decreased memory usage, especially with large sql files
Fixed SQLite support
Improvements to data type handling, especially in MS SqlServer
- [CORE-1509] - Memory improvements for large sqlFile files
- [CORE-1533] - Performance improvements in dropAll
- [CORE-1247] - [Sqlite] bad syntax in create table statements with single autoincrement primary key
- [CORE-1519] - Allow relative file paths for valueClobFile and valueBlobFile inserts/updates.
- [CORE-1275] - LoadData insert statements do not escape column names containing an open paren
- [CORE-1312] - Error when creating changelog tables
- [CORE-1399] - IncludeAll Failing when running in WAR files
- [CORE-1440] - Invalid Reorg table statement gets generated on DB2
- [CORE-1504] - dbDoc should html-encode author names
- [CORE-1506] - updateSQL generates invalid SQL for oracle
- [CORE-1507] - dropAll fails with NullPointerException
- [CORE-1510] - Maven plugin fails to configure parameters within property file with trailing spaces, error message misleading
- [CORE-1511] - modifyDataType truncates enum values
- [CORE-1512] - Insert with valueClobFile fails with unicode encoding.
- [CORE-1515] - Liquibase MSSQL: Snapshot incorrectly injecting size for some datatypes
- [CORE-1516] - Liquibase MSSQL: Snapshot recording incorrect size for VARBINARY
- [CORE-1517] - Liquibase MSSQL: Autoincrement property of decimal datatype not supported
- [CORE-1518] - Liquibase MSSQL: Incorrect datatypes captured in the snapshot
- [CORE-1520] - Liquibase Snapshot: Default datetime is wrong
- [CORE-1521] - When generateChangeLog is run, objects do not always come back in a consistent order
- [CORE-1522] - PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream() not supported by Postgres JDBC driver.
- [CORE-1524] - Ant diff command running diffChangeLog
- [CORE-1525] - Liquibase MSSQL: Snapshot not capturing alter statements that add default values
- [CORE-1526] - Unicode string escaping in MSSQL
- [CORE-1530] - Column called VERSION is quoted in PostgreSQL
- [CORE-1531] - includeAll with relativeToChangeLogFile fails under certain conditions
- [CORE-1532] - NPE in ChangedIndexChangeGenerator
- [CORE-1534] - Single quotes in liquibase.bat causing issues
Changes in version 3.0.6 (2013.10.08)
- Major Changes:
Split out CDI code to a separate jar
Remove primary key on DATABASECHANGELOG and increased column sizes
Case sensitivity fixes
General bug fixes
- [CORE-1485] - Extract CDI support into a separate module
- [CORE-602] - Increase the default size of the FILENAME column
- [CORE-1471] - Add support for Sybase IQ
- [CORE-1475] - Support entering password(s) interactively on the command line
- [CORE-1477] - Support overriding LockService changeLogWaitTime
- [CORE-1492] - DatabaseChangelog Description useless
- [CORE-1502] - CLONE - UpdateSQL needs to append a "/" to the end of createProcedure for Oracle
- [CORE-1088] - Derby fails to create databasechangelog tables
- [CORE-1093] - generateChangeLog fails on MSSQL with coalation CS on views named in lowerCase
- [CORE-1158] - Escaping of reserved keywords in HSQLDB
- [CORE-1170] - loadUpdateData sometimes needs / and sometimes not
- [CORE-1177] - Failure to write a change set to the DATABASECHANGELOG table still applies the change set
- [CORE-1325] - CDI injection does not work with openwebbeans
- [CORE-1343] - Include SQL file with relativeToChangelogFile doesn't work
- [CORE-1378] - Deploy fails on Glassfish
- [CORE-1409] - Package CDI support as a separate module
- [CORE-1436] - loadUpdateData does not escape apostrophes
- [CORE-1437] - Diff is case-sensitive on column names
- [CORE-1440] - Reorg Table gets called before table is created on DB2
- [CORE-1441] - Drop table with cascade does not work on MS SQL Server
- [CORE-1443] - Documentation for liquibase maven logging configuration needs update
- [CORE-1445] - Mysql Reserved Words Not quoted
- [CORE-1449] - Liquibase throws null pointer if included file does not exist
- [CORE-1464] - SQL changelog are not correctly handled (NPE)
- [CORE-1465] - GetViewDefinitionGeneratorMSSQL generates UPPER case view name
- [CORE-1469] - GenerateChangelog not working on Firebird
- [CORE-1470] - Use NUMERIC instead of NUMBER for Sybase ASE
- [CORE-1478] - MySQL keywords `key' not quoted as a column name
- [CORE-1479] - MySQL 5.5.27 fails to create DATABASECHANGELOG table (Liquibase support fully broken)
- [CORE-1480] - ChangedPrimaryKeyChangeGenerator missing name
- [CORE-1481] - Schema.toString NPE
- [CORE-1482] - Update fails with "Table DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK already exists"
- [CORE-1483] - Boolean values of "false" being incorrectly handled
- [CORE-1488] - Encoding issue with UpdateSQL
- [CORE-1490] - Oracle 10g: Changelog generation changes type NUMBER(*,0) to NUMBER(22)
- [CORE-1491] - Oracle 10g: changelog generation converts VARCHAR2(n CHAR) to VARCHAR2(n BYTE)
- [CORE-1497] - SQL SERVER: sysdiagram table is captured during generateChangeLog if system diagrams are enabled.
- [CORE-1499] - null appearing in liquibase maven output
- [CORE-1500] - Snapshots do not order objects alphabetically
- [CORE-1501] - Incorrect SQL generated for default column value in PostgreSQL for text columns
- [CORE-1448] - Throw a more helpful error message and continue on if snakeyaml isn't in the classpath
- [CORE-1472] - Support multi-tenant spring applications
Changes in version 3.0.5 (2013.09.24)
- Major Focus: Performance Improvements
- [CORE-1453] - Multi-column foreign keys not snapshotted correctly
- [CORE-845] - "DATE" data type is deployed as "SMALLDATETIME" in SQL 2008
- [CORE-859] - Nullable TIMESTAMP columns in MySQL are not nullable.
- [CORE-1257] - Oracle: generateChangeLog exports a column of type "NUMBER" as "NUMBER(0,-127)"
- [CORE-1288] - H2 (and other) support for BLOB and CLOB is incorrect
- [CORE-1338] - Using apostrophe in changeset's ID causes SQL error
- [CORE-1360] - Confirmation message of a custom change change is only printed if loglevel is debug
- [CORE-1364] - SQL Server incorrect INFORMATION_SCHEMA table case in native query
- [CORE-1365] - SQL Server: "Database 'dbo' does not exist" error
- [CORE-1401] - Unnecessary snapshot on liquibase update
- [CORE-1415] - Liquibase tables are not detected in oracle running in the SYSTEM schema
- [CORE-1426] - ORACLE: Check for existing tables is case sensitive
- [CORE-1429] - Random order of UniqueConstraint and ForeignKey drop statements
- [CORE-1459] - Maven updateSQL creates databasechangelog table, should only output SQL to do it
- [CORE-1462] - renameColumn with 'text' data type improperly trying to use 'clob' against MySql
- [CORE-1433] - Handle changes in column datatypes in diffChangeLog
- [CORE-1434] - Formatted Changelog format not parsing UTF8 .sql files with BOM
Changes in version 3.0.4 (2013.09.06)
- [CORE-548] - GenerateChangeLog generates invalid XML/SQL for mysql tables with autoincrement and compound PKs
- [CORE-1423] - NPE in ForeignKeyComparator
Changes in version 3.0.3 (2013.08.29)
- [CORE-1241] - Remove schema name from SQL generated when running updateSQL
- [CORE-1412] - UpdateSQL should write to stdout not stderr
- [CORE-844] - Integer with range limitations handled incorrectly on Oracle
- [CORE-1313] - Unique constraint name is ignored when adding a column
- [CORE-1316] - Column Type COMPUTED in loadData is not implemented correctly (shoud pass a DB Function instead of String to DB).
- [CORE-1327] - renameColumn and renameTable with Sybase
- [CORE-1329] - GenerateChangeLog on MSSQL exports a SMALLINT(5) - smallint does not allow precision
- [CORE-1336] - AutoIncrement not working with some types
- [CORE-1351] - PostgreSql 9 doesnt have datetime data type
- [CORE-1353] - AutoIncrement not working for numeric types
- [CORE-1354] - Sequences get dropped too early
- [CORE-1356] - Unnecessary size specifications on MEDIUMTEXT, TINYTEXT, MEDIUMBLOB, TINYBLOB from generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1358] - LiquiBase 3.0.2 writes '3.0.0-SNP' (Snapshot) to 'LIQUIBASE' column instead of '3.0.2'
- [CORE-1362] - Informix fails when schema is not equal catalog
- [CORE-1363] - ForeignKey NPE during dbDoc generation
- [CORE-1364] - SQL Server incorrect INFORMATION_SCHEMA table case in native query
- [CORE-1366] - Oracle database dbDoc generation performance issues
- [CORE-1367] - updateSQL generates an empty file using standard output in 3 version
- [CORE-1369] - Whitespace in author in SQL formatted changelog causes that migration to be silently skipped
- [CORE-1370] - Oracle doesnt have DATETIME datatype
- [CORE-1371] - MySQL syntax error is thrown if schema name contains hyphens
- [CORE-1372] - Version Command Line Argument Incorrect
- [CORE-1373] - dropAll attempts to drop objects in other schemas under Oracle
- [CORE-1375] - "group" is not included as a reserved word
- [CORE-1377] - liquibase version says 3.0.0-SNP
- [CORE-1380] - ^M present in liquibase unix running file (from jar on maven repo)
- - - - - [CORE-1381] - DropAll: Not working with MsSql
- - [CORE-1383] - Error attempting to re-create databasechangeloglock on second liquibase run if running in Oracle under SYSTEM user
- [CORE-1387] - dropAll fails with oracle since version 3.0.2
- [CORE-1388] - MSSQLServer: 'REAL' dataype is returned with unnecessary size modifier during generateChangeLog
- [CORE-1389] - AddLookupTable fails when using QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS
- [CORE-1394] - additionalInformation lost in DataTypeFactory.fromDescription()
- [CORE-1395] - Bug in MSSQLDatabase.getViewDefinition()
- [CORE-1396] - Liquibase is loosing indices on foreign key columns
- [CORE-1397] - Informix DB: Size of VARCHAR more than 255
- [CORE-1398] - Missing or unexpected unique constraint not found on Postgres
- [CORE-1402] - Custom preconditions not passing XML validation
- [CORE-1403] - Default schema not correct when using <tableExists>
- [CORE-1405] - SpringLiquibase not closing connection if rollback exception
- [CORE-1406] - MySQL loadUpdateData using literal values for update
- [CORE-1408] - NVarcharType on Derby Fails
- [CORE-1413] - NPE in changeSetExecuted precondition in changelog-level preconditions
- [CORE-1414] - Improve error handling in empty databasechangeloglock tables
- [CORE-1417] - generateChangeLog failed
- [CORE-1418] - Foreign Key changes not detected in snapshot process
Changes in version 3.0.2 (2013.07.11)
- [CORE-628] - Specify the output encoding that liquibase should use to output data in Maven
- [CORE-169] - Oracle TIMESTAMPS not exported correctly
- [CORE-1301] - defaultschemaName not used
- [CORE-1315] - Database Objects do not get dropped on DB2
- [CORE-1317] - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on Oracle
- [CORE-1318] - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on SQL Server
- [CORE-1328] - includeAll trying to process invalid file types, should only process valid change log types
- [CORE-1331] - If logicalFilePath attribute is set on databaseChangeLog, I am unable to use relativeToChangelogFile="true" on
- [CORE-1332] - includeAll of changelog files throws duplicate identifiers error
- [CORE-1335] - Data export support broken in 3.0
- [CORE-1336] - AutoIncrement not working with some types
- [CORE-1337] - Problem with changeset defined as runAlways="true"
- [CORE-1339] - NPE on update if default ServiceLocator.packagesToScan is used
- [CORE-1340] - indexExists Changesets throwing PreconditionErrorException instead of PreconditionFailedException
- [CORE-1341] - foreignKeyConstraintExists precondition broken
- [CORE-1347] - dropAll function work incorrectly when table has 2 foreign keys
Changes in version 3.0.1 (2013.06.25)
- [CORE-898] - Custom precondition xsd failing
- [CORE-1171] - Maven plugin displaying password in plain text
- [CORE-1320] - Cannot include YAML file
- [CORE-1323] - Conversion from char to SMALLINT is unsupported
- [CORE-1324] - Formatted SQL does not support contexts such as "some-context" or "some/context"
Changes in version 3.0.0 (2013.06.17)
- Dropped Java 1.5 support
- Major changes in diff and snapshot log
- Support for "catalogs" in addition to schemas
- Separated "diff" and "snapshot" logic for better modularity
- Extension support for LockService
- Extension support for defining new DataTypes
- Extension support for defining new snapshot DatabaseObjects
- Extension support for defining new Snapshot log
- Extension support for how to compare DatabaseObjects
- Better extension support for changelog generation
- More object types are snapshotted
- Changes can provide metadata helpful for IDE and other integrations
- Added ability for objects to control how they are serialized via the LiquibaseSerializable interface
- Can define tablespace for liquibase tables
- Performance improvements
- Ability to specify sequences to read values from on <insert>
- Improve OSGi support
- Support preconditions in formatted SQL
- Maven supports generateChangeLog
- Better support for case sensitive databases
- API cleanup
- Ability to SKIP columns in a CSV file
- Improved Informix support
- Support JDBC escape syntax in SQL
- Added futureRollbackCountSQL
- Support ${} params in formatted SQL
- Many bug fixes
Change in version 2.0.5 (2012.05.01)
- Reverted load blog/clob data from files feature
- Fixed linux distribution script
- Fixed command line output back to stdout
Change in version 2.0.4 (2012.04.18)
- Support ${} params in included sql files
- Ability to load blog/clob data from files
- Bug Fixes
Change in version 2.0.2 (2011.09.15)
- dropFirst parameter on SpringLiquibase bean
- Bug Fixes
Change in version 2.0.0 (2010.12.19)
- Major change to codebase, focusing on extension/integration APIs
Changes in version 1.9.3 (2009.4.3)
- Fixed index column nested tags in generated XML
Changes in version 1.9.2 (2009.4.6)
- Fix for includeAll on windows
- Other bug fixes
Changes in version 1.9.1 (2009.2.20)
- Escape hsql tables/columns if they are a keyword
- opensvn is included in our jar, not a dependency
- Bug in runInTransaction
- Additional bug fixes
- Grails 1.1-SNAPSHOT support
Changes in version 1.9.0 (2009.1.7)
- Paths in <include> can be relative to changelog
- Sybase Adaptive SQL Anywhere support
- Better Derby support (drop column, rename column)
- <modifySql> support
- <stop> change
- <includeAll> support
- runInTransaction attribute for changeSet
- Stronger validation in .xsd
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 1.8.1 (2008.10.1)
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 1.8.0 (2008.09.17)
- Added SQLite support
- Bug fixes
- Added dropAllForeignKeyConstraints change
- Added onFail and onError precondition failure controls
- Auto-increment specifying on a non-auto-increment table does not fail but simply ignores flag
- Can control onDelete and onUpdate behavior for FK constraints
- Added ability to specify that an index should be unique
- Additional validation step checks for required attributes at run time
- Improved ordering of generated scripts with diff
- Improved command line migrator return codes
- Context checking is case insensitive
- Can specify end delimiter in <sql> change
- Added several new precondition checks
- Custom preconditions can be passed parameters
Changes in version 1.7.0 (2008.06.25)
- Added loadData change
- Added support for changelog paramters
- Allow preconditions in <changeSet>
- Can export data with generateChangeLog
- Added markNextChangeSetRan command
- Added validCheckSum tag to changeSet
- Can use change tags in <rollback>
- Can reference previous changeSets in <rollback>
- Allow custom preconditions
- RowMapper interface is now public
- Misc bug fixes
Changes in version 1.6.1 (2008.04.23)
- Maven/Grails/IntlliJ Plugin relase of 1.6.x
- Many misc bug fixes
Changes in version 1.6.0 (2008.03.27)
- Added Hibernate diff support
- Fix to MD5Sum generation that requires updating all rows in databasechangelog table
- Added tagDatabase tag
- Added primaryKeyName attribute
- Supports multiple rollback tags per changeSet
- Column remarks stored in generated changelogs
- executeCommand output logged to logging system
- Many misc bug fixes
Changes in version 1.5.3 (2008.02.28)
- Recompiled to work with Java 1.5
Changes in version 1.5.2 (2008.02.07)
- Fixed bug with runOnChange and MD5sum check
- Handles generating changelog for tables with composite primary keys
- Other minor bug fixes
Changes in version 1.5.1 (2008.02.01)
- Fixed failOnError logic
- Improved serial column detection in Postgres
- Rollback connections before close for DB2
- Other minor bug fixes
Changes in version 1.5.0 (2008.01.29)
- Major Refactoring of XML parser and Migrator/Liquibase class
- Database table comments saved to generated change log
- ReplaceIfExists attribute added to createView
- Setting value/valueNumeric/valueBoolean/valueDate on addColumn will update all existing rows with the given value
- Added defaultSchemaName parameter for setting default schema
- Changelog file comparisons are case-insensitive on windows
- Output warning of old schema version
- Added updateCount and updateCountSQL commands
- Changed "migrate" command to "update". Note: "migrate" is now an alias for "update"
- Added comments tag to generated SQL output
- Custom Database implementations can be specified with the databaseClassName parameter
- Created changeLogSync command
- Rollback commands can specify contexts
- createTable can specify unique constraint name
- XSDs are not pulled from network
- Handles Postgres datatypes better
- added <update> change
- added <delete> change
- Additional and enhanced Ant tasks
- Changed system property to
- Moved liquibase.servlet.MigratorStatusServlet to liquibase.servlet.LiquibaseStatusServlet
- Moved liquibase.servlet.ServletMigrator to liquibase.servlet.LiquibaseServletListener
- Moved liquibase.spring.SpringMigrator to liquibase.spring.SpringLiquibase
- Moved liquibase.commandline.CommandLineMigrator to liquibase.commandline.Main
- Renamed checked servlet listener parameters
- Other bug fixes
Changes in version 1.4.1 (2007.11.30)
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 1.4.0 (2007.11.19)
- IntelliJ Plug-in Support
- Added support for specifying schemas in change log
- MaxDB/SAPDB Support
- Refactored Code
- Can specify data types as java.sql.Types.*
- Support for composite foreign keys
- Improved Maven support
- Bug Fixes
Changes in version 1.3.2 (2007.10.8)
- Grails support
- Firebird support
Changes in version 1.3.1 (2007.10.2)
- Bug fix for createStoredProcedure in Oracle
Changes in version 1.3.0 (2007.9.27)
- Added tablespace support to createTable, createIndex, addPrimaryKey, and addUniqueConstraint
- Restored Java 6 Support
- Added defaultCascade attribute to addForeignKeyConstraint
- Can have multiple comma-separated contexts per change set
- Created <custom> change
- Added sqlCheck precondition
- Database Diff checks column types and nullability
- DiffChangeLog will write to a file specified with the --changeLog flag
- Added dbdoc documentation generator
- Database Diff checks views
- Package re-organization
- Added createProcedure change
- Added <executeCommand> change
- Table names are enclosed in []'s on MS SQL
- Added Spring migrator
- Misc bug fixes
Changes in version 1.2.1 (2007.8.31)
- Include sequences in generateChangeLog
- Fixed ordering of statements default and null clauses based on database
Changes in version 1.2 (2007.8.28)
- Added support for H2 database
- Added support for InterSystems Cache` database
- Support for sqlfile change
- Improved error messages
- Sybase fixes
- Handle --defaultsFile correctly
- Handle command line parameters correctly on Windows systems
- <sql> tag can contain a <comment> tag
- Change log file references can be absolute
- SQL can be ; or 'go' delimited
- Added clearCheckSums command
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 1.1.1 (2007.7.24)
- Bug fixes related to the diff tool
Changes in version 1.1 (2007.7.23)
- Support for additional databases: DB2, Derby, Sybase (not fully tested), and HSQL
- Support for "unsupported" databases
- Database Diff Tool
- Database Creation Script Generator
- new DBMS attribute on change set tag that allows you to specify what databases to run the change set against
- "verify" command that checks for change log problems without attempting to execute any
- "status" command that shows information on unrun change sets
- Handle date/time and numeric values better on inserts and setting default values
- Bug Fixes
Changes in version 1.0.1 (2007.7.07)
- Do not quote "null" default values
- Documentation fixes
Changes in version 1.0 (2007.6.25)
- Minor Bug Fixes
Changes in version 1.0 RC2 (2007.6.19)
- Improved documentation
- Bug fixes
- Changes to exception throwing
Changes in version 1.0 RC1 (2007.6.8)
- Added batch/shell scripts for command line migrator
- Improved documentation
- Bug fixes
- Blog started at
Changes in version 0.9.1 (2007.5.23)
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 0.9.0 (2007.5.14)
- Rollback support
- Initial Maven support
- Performance improvements
- Can have a logical file and path for changelogs
- New Database Refactorings:
- Add View
- Rename View
- Drop View
- Merge Columns
- Add Foreign-Key Constraint
- Drop Foreign-Key Constraint
- Add Lookup Table
- Add Primary Key
- Add Auto-Increment
- Add Default Value
- Drop Default Value
- Drop Primary Key
- Add Unique Constraint
- Drop Unique Constraint
- Code refactorings
Changes in version 0.8.2 (2007.4.30)
- Bug fixes
Changes in version 0.8.1 (2007.4.25)
- Prompting for non-local database is now false by default
- Ant non-local database prompt attribute changed to promptOnNonLocalDatabase from promptOnNonDevDatabase
- Bug Fixes
Changes in version 0.8.0 (2007.4.22)
- Changelog Pre-conditions
- Execution contexts
- failOnError tag for changeSets
- addNotNullConstraint / dropNotNullConstraint
- allow "comment" tags
- Improved documentation
- Completed conversion to SourceForge
- Improved automated tests
Changes in version 0.7.0 (2007.3.16)
- Changed MD5Sum logic. !! Need to run 'update databasechangelog set md5sum=null' !!
- Added support for autoIncrement columns in createTableChange
- Switched to Liquibase name, including all package structures
- Moved code to SourceForge
Changes in version 0.6.3 (2007.1.10)
- Fixed bug in create table refactoring where it ignored constraint clauses
Changes in version 0.6.2 (2006.12.19)
- Fixed missing non-upper cased insert statement
Changes in version 0.6.1 (2006.12.12)
- Classpath for command line migrator can now include .ear files
- Can specify a "" system property that blocks the migrator from running if set to "false"
- Added a liquibase.migrator.servlet.MigratorStatusServlet servlet that can used to see the migrator logs
- Added a MIGRATOR_FAIL_ON_ERROR web.xml context parameter that controls if an exception should be raised if an exception is thrown, or if the listener should just return. Throws an exception by default
- All database SQL is upper case.
- Fixed issues with postgres schemas and getTables() call
- Added retroweaver build for 1.4 JVMs
- Misc. Bug fixes
Changes in version 0.6 (2006.11.10)
- Added change log locking support, so multiple migrators running at the same time won't interfere with eachother
- Fixed bug with command line parsing and URLs with '='s in them
- Misc bug fixes
Changes in version 0.5.1 (2006.10.18)
- Bugfixes related to running ant task
Changes in version 0.5 (2006.10.16)
- LGPL Licence
- Oracle uses Timestamp for datetime columns
- Command line migrator can be run against WAR and EAR files
- Command line migrator can be run via java -jar
- ChangeSets can be marked as "runAlways" and "runOnChange"
- ServletListener can be configured to only run on certain hostnames
- Removed all dependencies
- Improved MD5Sum generation. To update your MD5Sums, run "update databasechangelog set md5sum=null"
- MySQL Support
- Misc bugfixes
- Improved Documentation
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