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1 parent 5a9e764 commit 2c277e6ddff32ca07e21730f7cb7fb1aa244d0df @nvoxland nvoxland committed Mar 28, 2013
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@@ -5,15 +5,14 @@ set java home
set path=%path%;gpg
set path=%PATH%;git
-set env variables based on output
-git\bin\ssh-add "c/Users/nvoxland/.ssh/id_rsa"
-git\bin\ssh -v to test
close intellij so .iml files aren't changed on the fly
-mvn -Darguments="-DskipTest=true" release:prepare
-mvn -Darguments="-DskipTest=true" release:perform
+mvn -Darguments="-DskipTests=true" release:prepare
+do git push
+git push --tags
+mvn -Darguments="-DskipTests=true" release:perform
upload target/checkout/liquibase-maven-integration/target/site to phpinclude
upload target/checkout/liquibase-core/target/site to phpinclude

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