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EOS Detective Reports

EOSIO based smart contract that publishes token forensic reports on chain.

How to Install

eosio.cdt & cleos (or eosc) must already be installed installed.

Mac OS X Brew Install

install eosio-cpp

$ brew tap eosio/eosio.cdt
$ brew install eosio.cdt

install cleos

$ brew tap eosio/eosio
$ brew install eosio

Build .wasm

$ git clone
$ cd eos-detective-reports/src
$ eosio-cpp detective.cpp -o detective.wasm

Deploy Contract

<account> is the account name used to deploy the smart contract.

$ cleos set contract [account name] [contract-dir] [wasm file] [abi file]
$ eosc system setcontract [account name] [wasm file] [abi file]

How to Use

Get Account Data

$ cleos get table [code account] [scope] accounts

Push new report

$ cleos push action [code account] post '["account",score,"metadata"]' -p <account>@active

Update report

$ cleos push action [code account] post '["account",score,"metadata"]' -p <account>@active

Remove report before expiry

$ cleos push action [code account] post '["account",0,""]' -p <account>@active

Remove report after expiry

$ cleos push action [code account] expire '["account"]' -p <account>@active



variable type description
account account EOSIO Account Name
score integer Token Weighted Score
metadata JSON Token Forensics Metadata
timestamp datetime Last updated

Setup Custom Permissions

It is recommended that you set custom permissions for the following reasons:

  • Not exposing your active or owner private key
  • Permission has explicit actions it can perform (ex: post & expire)
$ cleos set account permission [account] [permission_name] [authority] [parent permission or ""]
$ cleos set action permission [your account] [code account] [action name] [permission name]

$ eosc system updateauth [account] [permission_name] [parent permission or ""] [authority]
$ eosc system linkauth [your account] [code account] [action name] [permission name]


$ cleos set account permission account12345 reports EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV active
$ cleos set action permission account12345 [code account] post reports

$ eosc system updateauth account12345 reports active EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV
$ eosc system linkauth account12345 [code account] post reports
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