A Mobile App showing how to implement OAuth 2.0 with Google API on Phonegap with Childbrowser
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Implementing OAuth 2.0 with Google API in Phonegap / ChildBrowser

The code demonstrates how to implement OAuth 2.0 with Google API in Phonegap with ChildBrowser Plugin. Below are different screenshots of the App. The App authorize a Google Tasks API using OAuth 2.0 and then it accesses the User's Tasks and displays them in a list view.

AuthorizeView AuthorizeGoogleLogin AuthorizeAllowApp TaskListView

Download and Install Demo App

You can download and install the App from Phonegap Build directly:
Note: You can also fork project, customize and then build your app using PhoneGap build system.

Read Online Tutorial

The online tutorial explaining the code is posted at :


Install Functional App from Play Store

You can also download fully functional TODO app, which uses Google's cloud based Tasks API. Currently we've released this only on Google Play store.

[Quick Task on Google™ Play][PlayStoreLink] [PlayStoreLink]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.liquidlabs.quicktask

Known Issues

  • Some users have reported that this app does not authorize on Windows Phone platform. It gives invalid_grant error during authorization process. It could be related with localStorage html5 data-store, but not confirmed yet. If you have already fixed this issue, please share the fix with us.


Author: Abdullah Rubiyath, Hossain Khan
The code is licensed under MIT License.
Copyright (c) 2012 Liquid Labs Inc.