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madvertise PHP SDK


The madvertise PHP SDK lets you monetize your mobile website via advertising. Basically, the code sends http requests to the madvertise ad server and displays banner ads in various formats. You will receive 100 % of click generated revenues, as we commited in our developer fund.

Using the SDK

  1. copy madvertise-snippet.php to the source folder (e.g. /var/srv/www) of your website
  2. require madvertise-snippet.php in your website
  3. define all request parameters like in our sample file
  4. request an ad from our server link in our sample file
  5. point your mobile browser (eg: via WiFi) to your website

Fork IT!

If you found and fixed a bug or added a new feature, please contribute it! The easiest and fastest way is: fork this project, make your changes and send us a pull request!


Ad loading failure

  • common issue: usage of a desktop browser instead of a mobile browser. We only deliver ads to mobile devices so please use your mobile phone or set a mobile user agent
  • Token is unknown by ad server. After creating a new site or app please give our ad servers a few minutes to gather the update. Then try it again.
  • to get additional debug information please use our debug attribute in your request


madvertise is a mobile ad network, that enables developers to monetize their apps via advertising. Banners of various sizes can be placed on mobile websites or directly in applications. The latter is usually done with an SDK in form of a compiled library that sends requests to an ad-server and displays the mobile ad. So far, so good.

But apps are different, so are developers and the unique requirements and wishes they have. Additionally, it feels kind of strange to use foreign libraries in your own code without being able to actually have a look at the sources.

This is why madvertise decided to make all SDKs public as open source projects. We simply can not handle all the (we admit, pretty good) feature requests and suggestions that developers make. Well, we believe the best way to develop and constantly enhance our SDKs is doing it together with our publisher community. So, please feel free to adapt the library to whatever fits best for you!

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