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A set of highly efficient building blocks to build fast autonomous synchronous and asynchronous projectors.

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  1. Liquid Projections supports building and maintaining autonomous .NET projection code in an Event Sourcing architecture.

    C# 153 26

  2. A highly concurrent and efficient LiquidProjections adapter to connect passive event stores to LiquidProjections.

    C# 3 10

  3. Adds support for NEventStore as a source of events for LiquidProjections

    C# 2 7

  4. An extension to LiquidProjections that uses NHibernate for storing projections.

    C# 1 6

  5. An extension to LiquidProjections that uses RavenDB for storing projections.

    C# 5

  6. Defines an abstraction for an event store that supports a transactionally consist group of events.

    C# 2



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