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plugin for leiningen


:LeinPom lein pom

:LeinInstall lein install

:LeinJar lein jar

:LeinTest lein test

open another buffer for test result "q" for closing buffer window

:LeinDeps lein deps

:LeinUberJar lein uberjar

:LeinClean lein clean

:LeinCompile lein compile

:LeinCompileThis lein compile [ns]

:LeinRun lein run -m [ns]

open another buffer for run result "q" for closing buffer window

:Lein lein

Key maps

normal mode

<Leader>lm :LeinPom

<Leader>li :LeinInstall

<Leader>lj :LeinJar

<Leader>lt :LeinTest

<Leader>ld :LeinDeps

<Leader>lc :LeinCompile

<Leader>lC :LeinCompileThis

<Leader>lr :LeinRun

<Leader>ll :Lein

insert mode

<Leader>ns expand to ns

command mode

<Leader>ns expand to ns

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