Screencasts about CFWheels from the team at Liquifusion Studios.
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CFWheels Screencasts by Liquifusion Studios

This project contains the source code produced during all CFWheels screencasts by Liquifusion Studios.

Folder Structure

Each screencast episode is in its own folder. The first screencast is in 001, the second in 002, etc. If you drill down into the individual folders, there are README files with installation instructions and any other general notes that would help you understand how to work with the code on your own.


If you have trouble running any of the code in your environment, please submit an issue.

Not Accepting Contributions

To keep the code consistent with the screencasts, we will not be accepting pull requests.

Follow Us

There are several ways to receive alerts about new screencast episodes:

  1. Watch this repository
  2. Follow @liquifusion on Twitter
  3. Follow Liquifusion on Vimeo
  4. Subscribe to our Liquifusion Labs blog