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📖 Shared Qbs imports and modules
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qbs shared

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Shared imports and modules for projects using the qbs build system.


You need qbs >= 1.11.0 to build this project.


Qbs is a new build system that is much easier to use compared to qmake or CMake.

If you want to learn more, please read the Qbs manual, especially the setup guide and how to install artifacts from the installation guide.

From the root of the repository, run:

qbs setup-toolchains --type gcc /usr/bin/g++ gcc
qbs setup-qt /usr/bin/qmake-qt5 qt5
qbs config profiles.qt5.baseProfile gcc

Then, from the root of the repository, run:

qbs -d build -j $(nproc) profile:qt5 # use sudo if necessary

To the qbs call above you can append additional configuration parameters:

  • project.prefix:/path/to/prefix Qbs installation prefix (default: /usr/local)
  • project.qbsModulesDir:/path/to/qbs where Qbs modules are installed (default: /usr/local/share/qbs/modules)
  • project.qbsImportDir:/path/to/qbs where Qbs modules are installed (default: /usr/local/share/qbs/imports)


Licensed under the terms of the BSD 3 Clause license.

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