A graphical tool to build simple computer-vision applications.
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Starling is a graphical tool to build simple computer-vision applications, developped by the IMAGINE, R3AM and SAARA teams of the LIRIS laboratory.

Starling provides an easy to use graphical environment to experiment computer vision, and to generate C++ code examples of vision algorithms use. It relies on the OpenCV library.


It's a fork of the Harpia project. Main improvements from Harpia 1.1 are:

  • generates C++ code using OpenCV 2.x C++ API,
  • makes new module integration easier by adding just one xml file,
  • replaces some components by new standards (XML parser, canvas).

It can also be used for OpenCV experimenting and learning.

Starling runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. A Debian package for Ubuntu is available here.