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.templates google analytics to track who comes to our website
images Update LSTM image with labels on the arrows
scripts print_function and pep8
DBN.txt Small adjustments to inclusion of code in ReStructuredText files.
LICENSE.txt Use list of pairs for updates, not dict, to remove warning
Makefile adding Makefile and conf
SdA.txt Used start-snippet-# and end-snippet-# for precise inclusion of code … Remove warnings in doc generation
contents.txt Add the LSTM tutorial to the high-level table of contents
dA.txt Edits suggested by @lamblin.
deep.txt manual pep8 in doc
gettingstarted.txt Fix off-by-one error in numbering of epochs in most tutorials
hmc.txt Used start-snippet-# and end-snippet-# for precise inclusion of code …
index.txt Update LSTM tutorial description in the index
lenet.txt pep8
logreg.txt Edits for clarification.
lstm.txt Add notice about using SGD in the LSTM tutorial
mlp.txt Fix mlp weight init formula. Reported by Alex Rothberg
rbm.txt Minor typo fix in rbm.txt
references.txt first version of RNN-RBM tutorial
rnnrbm.txt In the ReStructuredText (*.txt) files, many of the copies of Python c…
rnnslu.txt Do not consider "literalinclude" a code block
utilities.txt Alternative to PIL.image for Mac OS X.
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