Create JanusVR rooms from sketchup files with "ease"
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What is this?

A tool for creating VR "rooms" from google SketchUp files.

This utility will take a SketchUp .skp file and create a complete set of .obj and html files that make up a JanusVR room.

Check out the VR now to see it in action

Documentation in the docs Folder

Download version 3

Please feel to open an issue on github or post in reddit thread on /r/JanusVR

Version 3:

  • Update for being able to create Image elements for images not imported as texture
  • Fixed shader issues with viewing room through portals.
  • Major performance improvements, better HTML generation
  • Better support for video, ability to set thumbnails

Version 2:

  • First public release


From the command line

sketchup2room myFile.skp


sketchup2room --out www --html room.html myRoom.skp