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Playing around with Terraform and GKE/GCP
Ruby HCL Python Smarty Dockerfile
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This is a sick day project to try and keep my mind active. The goals are going to try and use a minimal Python Docker container to do some cool stuff in GCP with the GKE product. For folks creeping on this, do not expect much polish or elegance since this repository is a learning opportunity!

Top Level Goals

  • Use Terraform to provision GCP components:
  • Networking
  • Firewalls (default deny on instances w/ Ingress being a 'hole')
  • Load balancers (Ingress)
  • Build system
  • Bake the Docker image (from this repo's source, I guess) to GCR
  • Deploy the image to GKE?
  • Do something more interesting with the static Python container (maybe it'll generate random numbers based off user input?)
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