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Reve is a Ruby-based library for use with interfacing with the Eve Online API.
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Reve is a library for the Eve Online API written in Ruby.


The following are examples using the library.

Convert player names to character IDs

require 'reve'
require 'pp'

api =

ids = api.character_id( { :names => [ "CCP Garthagk" ] } )
puts 'Names to IDs output:'
pp names

# Prints:
names to IDs output
  @name="CCP Garthagk">]


Reve is in "maintenance mode." The author, Lisa Seelye, is mostly hands-off and gladly accepts pull requests.


In no specific order, this is a foreward looking list of items to be done for the project.

  • Complete Implemented API Calls List
  • Merge #17
  • Implement missing API calls
  • Reorganize code within the project

Implemented API Calls


Name Method Name
Account Status account_status
API Key Not Implemented
List of Characters characters


Name Method Name
Account Balance personal_wallet_balance
Asset List personal_assets_list
Blueprints Not Implemented
Calendar Event Attendees Not Implemented
Character Sheet character_sheet
Contact List personal_contacts
Contact Notifications Not Implemented
Contracts contracts
Contract Items Not Implemented
Contract Bids Not Implemented
Factional Warfare Stats personal_faction_war_stats
Industry Jobs personal_industry_jobs
Industry Jobs History Not Implemented
Kill Mails personal_kills (deprecated)
Locations Not Implemented
Mail Bodies personal_mail_message_bodies
Mailing Lists personal_mailing_lists
Mail Messages (Headers) personal_mail_messages
Market Orders personal_market_orders
Medals character_medals
Notifications personal_notifications
Notification Texts Not Implemented
Planetary Colonies Not Implemented
Planetary Pins Not Implemented
Planetary Routes Not Implemented
Planetary Links Not Implemented
Research research
Skill in Training skill_in_training
Skill Queue skill_queue
Standings (NPC) Not Implemented
Upcoming Calendar Events upcoming_calendar_events
Wallet Journal personal_wallet_journal
Wallet Transactions personal_wallet_transactions


Name Method Name
Account Balances corporate_wallet_balance
Asset List corporate_assets_list
Blueprints Not Implemented
Contact List corporate_contacts
Container Log Not Implemented
Contracts Not Implemented
Contract Items Not Implemented
Contract Bids Not Implemented
Corporation Sheet corporation_sheet
Customs Offices Not Implemented
Facilities Not Implemented
Factional Warfare Stats corporate_faction_war_stats
Industry Jobs corporate_industry_jobs
Industry Jobs History Not Implemented
Kill Mails corporate_kills (deprecated)
Locations Not Implemented
Market Orders corporate_market_orders
Medals corporate_medals
Member Medals corporate_member_medals
Member Security corporate_member_security
Member Security Log Not Implemented
Member Tracking Not Implemented
Outpost List Not Implemented
Outpost Service Detail Not Implemented
Shareholders Not Implemented
Standings (NPC) Not Implemented
Starbase Details (POS) starbase_details
Starbase list (POS) starbases
Titles Not Implemented
Wallet Journal corporate_wallet_journal
Wallet Transactions corporate_wallet_transactions


Name Method Name
Alliance List alliances
Certificate Tree certificate_tree (deprecated)
Character Affilication Not Implemented
Character ID (name to id) names_to_ids
Character Info character_info
Character Name (id to name) ids_to_names
Conquerable Station List conquerable_stations
Error list errors
Factional Warfare Station faction_war_stats
Factional Warfare Top 100 Stats faction_war_top_stats
RefTypes ref_types
Skill Tree skill_tree
Type Name Not Implemented


Name Method Name
Factional Warfare Systems (Occupancy map) faction_war_system_stats
Jumps map_jumps
Kills map_kills
Sovereignty sovereignty


Name Method Name
Server Status server_status


Name Method Name
Call List (access mask ref) Not Implemented
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