Rollup of Oct - Dec 2013 #11

merged 32 commits into from Jan 22, 2014

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New: Added class, method and mock for Contracts
Refactor: moved processing helper methods to their own file to make finding and spelunking them easier
New: Added Travis CI integration. (Basically a YAML file. The rest of the configuration is toggling things in repos)

fmorales added some commits Oct 5, 2013
@fmorales fmorales Class and xml for Contracts 151f259
@fmorales fmorales Contracts method and BASE_URL 0111501
@fmorales fmorales filename change 2b2396b
@fmorales fmorales Merge commit '2b2396ba5642434ecfd93b9bb750148798ea6234' into refactor…

* commit '2b2396ba5642434ecfd93b9bb750148798ea6234':
  filename change
  Contracts method and BASE_URL
  Class and xml for Contracts
@fmorales fmorales refactor: Moved processing helper methods to their own file to make f…
…inding them easier
@fmorales fmorales setting up travis 37a7ab5
@fmorales fmorales rename test file 911df93
@fmorales fmorales debugging travis 6a36806
@fmorales fmorales more debugging. google says whitespace matters 9986898
@fmorales fmorales another try at travis yaml 3d79bc8
@fmorales fmorales lets see if this makes travis budge right dcd47bc
@fmorales fmorales Commenting out live test because the api server is getting grumpy 4242bf1
@fmorales fmorales commenting out simplecov to troubleshoot travis 1b604ee
@fmorales fmorales more troubleshooting. 62b4c23
@fmorales fmorales So it looks like it budge installs with the -deployment switch. derp! 95bfac8
@fmorales fmorales that last thing wasn’t it. lets get some more information 1ef0675
@fmorales fmorales Dumbing things down even more 4c346bd
@fmorales fmorales dumber ff9639d
@fmorales fmorales Now we’re cooking with fire. Let’s try something more complicated. 119c275
@fmorales fmorales more troubleshooting 50ba65f
@fmorales fmorales lets try forcing another bundle fe672ac
@fmorales fmorales dig dig dig d478e60
@fmorales fmorales still digging 36be27d
@fmorales fmorales Lets see if we can rescue it into submission be0d7ff
@fmorales fmorales oops. I forgot the other half of that 3dddb43
@fmorales fmorales just a little cleaner d2fbe31
@fmorales fmorales More bit twiddling 6ce389c
@fmorales fmorales edit to get rid of error in yaml file 3b57909
@fmorales fmorales changing puts to echo 13386a5
@fmorales fmorales adding bundle exec to everything 808d0fe
@fmorales fmorales Ok! Now all the tests should pass in Travis! Yay! e9c3b2f
@fmorales fmorales Commenting out second test file. I’ll figure out why it doesn’t run a…
…nd put it back later
@fmorales fmorales was assigned Jan 22, 2014
@fmorales fmorales merged commit b0e07e4 into lisa:master Jan 22, 2014
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