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Docker Manager interface for LuCI
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Docker Manager interface for LuCI

适用于 LuCI 的 Docker 管理插件

用于管理 Docker 容器、镜像、网络,适用于自带 Docker 的 Openwrt系统、运行在 Docker 中的 openwrt 或 LuCI-in-docker.



./scripts/feeds update luci-lib-json
./scripts/feeds install luci-lib-json
git clone package/luci-lib-docker
git clone package/luci-app-dockerman

#compile package only
make package/luci-lib-json/compile V=99
make package/luci-lib-docker/compile v=99
make package/luci-app-dockerman/compile v=99

make menuconfig
#choose Utilities  ---> <*> docker-ce....................................... Docker Community Edition
#choose Kernel features for Docker which you want
#choose LuCI ---> 3. Applications  ---> <*> luci-app-dockerman..... Docker Manager interface for LuCI ----> save
make V=99

Download /下载


  • Containers
  • Container Info
  • Container Edit
  • Container Stats
  • Container Logs
  • New Container
  • Images
  • Networks
  • New Network



  • images: edit_tag / import
  • new network: analyze command line string
  • container: download & upload files
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