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Aaaaall my talk slides

(Almost) all my talks as GIFs and PDFs. There is still more to come; I’ll update it from time to time.

Why you don’t believe in facts, and how to fix it

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Re:publica (“The Most Exciting Festival for the Digital Society”) in Berlin, Germany
When? May 2017
How long? 20min
What? Understanding why we believe so many stupid things, why we can’t get rid of beliefs easily and how to believe more true things.


Why do you visualise data?

PDF, Transcript, Recording will follow
Where? INCH (an information design conference) in Munich, Germany
When? March 2017
How long? 20min
What? Thinking about possible goals of data vis and how to categorise them, and which industry has which goals when it comes to data vis.


A data point walks into a bar

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg (Germany)
When? December 2016
How long? 20min
What? Explaining why people are bad with high numbers, and that we feel more grief about the death of one person than about the death of thousands. Presenting possible ways how data vis could make us feel things even if it visualises big quantities.


Making maps popular again

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? GeoNYC meetup in New York City
When? November 2016
How long? 20min
What? Thinking about how electoral college maps only show the “winner” votes per state, and how that can be solved with a map of the popular vote.


Map Poetry

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? NACIS (a mapping conference) in Colorado Springs
When? October 2016
How long? 20min
What? Thinking about maps that represent maps, not territories. Thinking about what map poetry can offer us and arguing that we should do that more.


Github Tutorial

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Hacks/Hacker Media Party in Buenos Aires
When? September 2016
How long? 60min tutorial with Christine Zhang
What? Small Github Tutorial that explains basic principles like forking and branching in a visual way.


More Context, Less News

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Information+ in Vancouver
When? June 2016
How long? 5min
What? Lightning Talk that questions the role of news graphics.


Thinking Tools

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? At NPR, for the NPR Visuals Team
When? May 2016
How long? 20-30min
What? Explaining my “thinking tools”. Covers Parkinson’s Law, 80/20, Eisenhower Matrix, Morphological Matrix.


Why What How

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Mozfest in London, just for the other OpenNews fellows. I actually never gave this talk; I just prepared it.
When? November 2015
How long? 5min
What? Explaining the “Golden Circle” by Simon Sinek and how it relates to data vis.


What Lisa likes

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? Talk for my co-workers at Onlab, a design studio in Berlin I worked for in 2014.
When? September 2014
How long? 20min
What? Explaining what I like. Categories the things I like into “sorting knowledge”, “sorting ideas”, “sorting personalities”, “rethinking things”, “doing more in less time”. Please note that the talk is several years old; my opinion has definitely changed.

Presentation of my master’s thesis about editorial design

PDF, Transcript, Recording
Where? In the office of my professor, Berlin
When? August 2014
How long? 60min
What? Answering the question “Can I improve my design through feedback?”. I designed three different-looking magazines with the same content and got the feedback from lots of people.