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Coroutine-based etcd client
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Build Status

Coroutine-based etcd client

Asyncio version of

Quick start

Install etcd and etcdctl (TL;DR? Have a look at install section in .travis.yml)

virtualenv --python=python3.4 aioetcd
cd aioetcd
git clone
cd aioetcd
make vtest # this runs and stops an etcd instance on default ports 4001 and 7001
etcd &
etcdctl set hop 42
pip install .
python3.4 example/ 

and in another terminal, run:

etcdctl set hello 0 # a couple of time and then
etcdctl set hello 42 # as soon as it becomes boring
etcdctl set hello 42 # or wait 5 seconds to unlock

(read the script to see what's going on)

Project status

At the moment, the project is still a toy, as it was not battle tested, but it's kind of a big boy's toy. I think it's mature enough to start using it in the real life, but use it carefully. You may have to fork it to fit your needs and expectations (PR, please!).

Planed features

  1. SSL client auth
  2. chrooted client (add a directory key prefix to each request )
  3. <YOUR WANTED FEATURE HERE (and in an issue, please :) )>

Known bugs

  1. no known bugs (which means that the tests are buggy)


I didn't had time to write an etcd mock, so tests are only integration tests (it needs a working etcd on localhost).

Coverage is about 60% (with emphasis on, where all the gory details are)

I want to help! What can I do?

Play, fork, hack and, most important, have fun!

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