A growing collection of my solutions to several simple JavaScript exercises.
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Ten Simple JavaScript Exercises



This repository is a growing collection of my solutions to simple JavaScript exercises.

Exercise Inspirations

Ten Simple JavaScript Exercises

  1. Define a function max() that takes two numbers as arguments and returns the largest of them. Use the if-then-else construct available in Javascript.
  2. Define a function maxOfThree() that takes three numbers as arguments and returns the largest of them.
  3. Write a function that takes a character (i.e. a string of length 1) and returns true if it is a vowel, false otherwise.
  4. Write a function translate() that will translate a text into "rövarspråket". That is, double every consonant and place an occurrence of "o" in between. For example, translate("this is fun") should return the string "tothohisos isos fofunon".
  5. Define a function sum() and a function multiply() that sums and multiplies (respectively) all the numbers in an array of numbers. For example, sum([1,2,3,4]) should return 10, and multiply([1,2,3,4]) should return 24.
  6. Define a function reverse() that computes the reversal of a string. For example, reverse("jag testar") should return the string "ratset gaj".
  7. Write a function to sort a list of words (an array) in alphabetical order
  8. Write a function findLongestWord() that takes an array of words and returns the length of the longest one.
  9. Write a function filterLongWords() that takes an array of words and an integer i and returns the array of words that are longer than i.
  10. Write a function charFreq() that takes a string and builds a frequency listing of the characters contained in it. Represent the frequency listing as a Javascript object. Try it with something like charFreq("abbabcbdbabdbdbabababcbcbab").

See The Code Run

I've created a JSFiddle to demonstrate how each exercise runs: