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A Material Android password view that toggles password visibility via an eye icon.
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8/17/2016: As of about an hour ago, this library is deprecated!

Support for password visibility is now included in the Design Support Library in TextInputLayout. 🎉

PasswordView [deprecated]

👀 "All eyes, yeah I see 'em" — Yo Gotti, Down in the DM

compile 'com.xwray:passwordview:1.0'

Drop-in Android password view for the new material design spec

  android:hint="@string/password_hint" />

Toggle password visibility

Touch the "eye" icon to toggle between traditional and visible password states.

Custom typeface support

In the spec, the password field is pictured in Roboto. I really liked how this looked, so, I made PasswordView support custom typefaces! If you set one, it will stay. If you don't, the default is still monospace — no worries.


Optional strikethrough

By default, PasswordView adheres exactly to the spec, using 54% / 38% opacity for the visibility icon (or 50% / 100% for light on dark themes). The visibility icon is drawn using textColorPrimary and its opacity values (dark or light) are determined dynamically.

If you find opacity too subtle (insert eye roll 👀), you can use the visibility icon with a strikethrough instead. (idea credit, @thekeeperofpie)

app:useStrikeThrough="true" / passwordView.setUseStrikethrough(true)

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