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An updated version of the 2018 LambdaCore database for use with the ToastStunt server fork.
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ToastCore is an updated version of the unofficial 2018 LambdaCore database. It's intended either as a replacement for LambdaCore when starting a new MOO or as a reference for implementing ToastStunt-specific features in existing databases.


  • Updated core utility verbs with ToastStunt equivalents where appropriate
  • ANSI 2.5
  • MCP 2.1
  • Replace crypt() with Argon2id password hashing
  • Skeleton waif and anonymous objects
  • Various builtin type prototypes that redirect to their $generic_utils counterparts
    • e.g. "My cool string":explode()
  • Stunt Shapes object serializer
  • MCP SimpleEdit updates
    • Support for lists
    • Support for //-style comments
  • Inline editor used on ChatMUD and Miriani (previously known as 'Flexible Editor')
  • Poor man's namespaces
    • Maps on #0 can be expanded when matching
    • e.g. @edit $help_db["toaststunt"].argon2
  • $recycler that uses recycle() and recreate() instead of $garbage objects
  • Network name lookups handled in-database in a separate thread
  • General cleanup of antiquated / unused things in LambdaCore

An exhaustive list of changes can be found in the changelog.



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