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ANSI 2.5
MCP 2.1
[#0:bf_read] to set reading_input property
[$player.reading_input] to indicate when read() is actively occurring
[$command_utils:reading_input] verb to access .reading_input
[$prog:@add-option] to add options to option packages
[$time_utils.{minute, hour, day, week, month, year}] convenience properties for the number of seconds in the desired time period
Ported MCP help database from Waterpoint
[$generic_options.namewidth] set to a default of 25 since it's 2018
[$wiz:@code-replace] to globally replace strings in code
[$waif] Added with support for creation and initialization
[$object_utils:isa] Modified to support waifs
[#1, #3, #6, #7 :recycle()] Renamed pre_destroy
[#0:bf_recycle recycle] Renamed to bf_destroy and destroy
[#4:_recycle] Changed references to recycle to destroy
[#57:@toad] Change recycle to pre_destroy
[#57:mcd_2] Rename recycle to destroy
[$server_options.protect_recycle] Renamed to protect_destroy
[$dump_interval] Moved to $server_options
[$prog_options] Added "//_comments" and edited simpleedit:verbcode_external_to_internal to match. Also edited $prog:prog_options to allow simpleedit as a caller
[simpleedit:edit_set_program] Disabled line ~84 (split_verb_code) and wrote an appropriate 'what' variable
[$code_utils] Added commentify
[$mcp.client] Added
Ran $quota_utils:schedule_measurement_task and cleared $quota_utils:schedule_measurement_task
[$anon] Added with support for creating children and clearing owned_objects
[$mcp.session] Chparented to $anon
[$mcp:create_session] Changed creation to use this.session:new()
[$mcp.session:send] Changed line 12 to catch E_INVIND
[$root_class:set_name] Add error catching to is_player to catch anons
[$string_utils:explode] Replace with builtin explode()
[$object_utils:ancestors] Replace with builtin ancestors()
[$object_utils:descendants] Replace with builtin descendants()
[$object_utils:has_callable_verb] Replace with builtin respond_to
[$string_utils:prefix_to_value] Add map symbol and _tomap call
[$string_utils:_tomap] Added
[#0:sin] Added as alias for suspend_if_needed
[$cord] Replaced with $mcp.cord
[$player:@version] Pimp ToastStunt
[#0:bf_match and #0:bf_rmatch] Remove code paths that are impossible to reach.
[#0.force_input_count and #0:bf_force_input] Remove force_input_count.
[$login.goaway_message] Deleted (LambdaMOO vestige)
[#0.max_ticks, #0.max_seconds] Deleted
[#0.shutdown_task] Moved to $wiz_utils
[#0.shutdown_message] Moved to $wiz_utils
[#0.gripe_recipients] Moved to $wiz_utils
[#0.no_connect_message] Moved to $login
[$ftp, $gopher] Recycled.
[$password_verifier:check_dictionary] Removed references to $gopher
[#0.server] Added to hold server related information that doesn't fit anywhere else: last_restart_time, shutdown_time, server name, core_history
[#6:@version, #10:version] Use $server["name"]
[#24:boot_idlers] Replace LambdaMOO with $network.moo_name
[#0.class_registry and #4:@classes] Deleted.
[#0.help_db] Move #0.*_help into this map
[#0.options] Move #0.*_options into this map and change associated verbs.
[$login:maybe_limit_commands] Use a map instead of lists. Also clear in $login:server_started.
[$code_utils.error_names and error_list] Add Stunt errors
[$code_utils.builtin_props] Add last_move
[$player:@set-note-text] When editing a property value, default to processing by value. If that fails, assume it's all strings.
[#113:edit_set_note_value] Modified to parse property values
[$note_editor:local_editing_info] Changed reference from str to val when halfway appropriate. (This would be a good spot to match the @set-note-text behavior if appropriate. Maybe a @prog-o?)
[$mcp.parser:unparse] Modified to pass lists instead of tracing back
[$note_editor:note_text] Trimmed down the type check since we support more types now.
[$code_utils:parse_sysobj_map] Added. Attempt to parse a map string into a map value.
[$code_utils:parse_propref] Parse maps given as objects (e.g. @edit $options["ansi"].show_color)
[$code_utils:parse_verbref] Same as propref, only verbier.
[$string_utils:literal_object] Support matching to sysobj maps.
[$code_utils:corify_object] Return objects found in maps on $sysobj. Keeping with our current ghetto namespaces theme. (This may not be desirable, depending on what you store on #0.)
[$verb_editor:local_editing_info] Make it aware of simpleedit's v_filter_out.
[$login:connect] Verify password using argon2
[$login:encrypt_password] Encrypt using argon2b
[#6@registerme, #6:@password, #10:create, #24:make_player, #24:do_new_password] Encrypt using $login:encrypt_password
[$help_db["toaststunt"]] Created, added to $, and added to #6:init_for_core
[$composed] Added from Stunt
[$shapes] Added from Stunt
[$proto, $map_proto, $string_proto, $list_proto, $int_proto, $obj_proto] Lovingly ported from ChatMUD
[$spell] Purged the dictionary, changed the parent to #1, removed database verbs, and modified valid / guess_word to use builtin spellcheck.
[#88:@spell] Remove @complete
[#92] Remove help files for removed $spell stuff.
[$object_utils:has_callable_verb] Catch all errors.
[#0] Add .frobs
[$prog:@remove-option] Added.
[$verb_editor:parse_invoke] Function like @list and find the first matching verb on all ancestors.
[#0:core_objects] Recognize maps
[#0:lookup] Added as part of Composed
[$help_db["toaststunt"]] Add FileIO help
[$composed] Add audit verb to check packages for errors (this was removed from Composed in Improvise, so there is probably a good reason, but for now it seems handy)
[$ansi_utils] Update version string
[$composed:_set_seconds_and_ticks] Updated to check for and add appropriate server options.
[$composed:_reset_seconds_and_ticks] Delete server options if we manually added the properties.
[$shapes] Update to the latest dump from Improvise
[$options[prog]:show_verb_perms, check_verb_perms, parse_verb_perms and $prog:@verb] Add programmer option for default verb permissions.
[#0:s ies es] Added to "pluralize" a word based on a number.
[$composed:_lookup_by_label] Manually define __wizard__, which may not be appropriate at all. But it fixed one of many Composed tracebacks so I'm going with it.
[$login.argon2] Set parameters to server defaults.
[$edit_utils] Add the inline editor used by ChatMUD and Miriani.
[$edit_state] Add $edit_state for editor state storage.
[$player.inline_editor_options] To store inline editor options.
[$edit_utils:options] Calling $edit_utils:options() will return the editor options menu, but there is no frontend verb to accomplish this at the moment.
[$menu_utils] Features menu and options_menu verbs for rendering input menus, with appropriate documentation in comments.
[$string_utils:fit_to_screen, $string_utils:adjust_column_lengths, $string_utils:neat] Programmatically produce nicely aligned columns with headers.
Alter $command_utils:read_lines to use the inline editor. You can remove the appropriately commented block to reverse this.
Properly transform //-style comments when using @program (primarily for LambdaCore local edit).
[#0.gopher] Removed.
[$code_utils:parse_verbref] Add support for $verb matching. (e.g. HELP $S now works)
[$builder:@show] Update to work with new parse_verbref
[$wiz_utils:set_owner] Check if owner and newowner are already the same
[$prog:@forked] Properly display threaded tasks that are still working.
[$list_utils:slice] Use the built-in slice(). Threading is disabled to stay in line with LambdaCore.
[$list_utils:sort] Use the built-in sort() with threading disabled.
[$list_utils:sort_suspended] Use the built-in sort(). The interval argument does nothing but remains for LambdaCore compatibility.
[$recycler] Modified (and removed) various verbs to utilize recycle() and recreate()
- removed :request
- removed :resurrect
- removed :look_self
- recycled $garbage
- modified _recycle
- modified kill_all_tasks
- modified valid
- modified setup_toad
- modified _recreate
- modified addhist
- modified _create
[$command_utils:object_match_failed] Add optional allow_invalid flag to let @recreate do its work.
[$byte_quota_utils:preliminary_reimburse_quota] Removed
[$builder:@recreate] Allow it to accept invalid objects.
[$building_utils:recreate] Removed a lot of redundant code for things that are taken care of in the server with recycle(). Also modified so that either argument could be invalid.
[$everyman:bad_eval] Removed references to $garbage
[$mcp:do_out_of_band_command, :user_created, user_disconnected] Replace assoc() of listeners() with listeners(caller).
[$server_options] Add no_name_lookup (true) to disable the server's built-in DNS lookups.
[#0:do_login_command] Call connection_name_lookup to do DNS name resolution in a threaded task (thereby preventing the server from blocking on a bad lookup). Since name lookup suspends, also replace 'return <obj>' calls with switch_player.
[$login.name_lookup_players] Added as a list of connections that have already called connection_name_lookup.
[$login:init_for_core] Clear .name_lookup_players
[$login:server_started] Clear $login.name_lookup_players
[$login:connection_name_lookup] Added to perform name lookups.
[$login:delete_name_lookup] Added to clear connections that have already been looked up.
[$string_utils:connection_hostname_bsd] Removed
[$string_utils:connection_hostnane] Made wizardly and changed to recognize objects as well as legacy connection strings.
[#28.disassemble()] Add some minor documentation about the meaning of the output.
[#28.connection_name()] Updated to reflect the second argument and changes to the default string.
[#28.listen()] Add the IPv6 argument.
[#28.open_network_connection()] Mention IPv6.
[#28.listeners()] Update for maps and new keys.
[$server_options.help_msg] Mention no_name_lookup.
[$code_utils:help_db_search] Give verb help matches the lowest priority so that things like 'help $login' return the right help file.
[...] Changed ':connection_hostname(connection_name(player))' to ':connection_hostname(player)' on: #0:do_login_command, #6:@registerme, #10:connect, #10:player_creation_enabled, #10:record_connection, #10:request_character, #24:show_netwho_listing, #31:defer, #31:confunc, #31:log_disconnect, #57:@guests, #97:handle_connection
[$wiz:@code-replace] Add a valid() check when iterating over all objects. (Thanks Jace@ChatMud)
[$builder:@measure] Fix a lack of space in the measurement message.
[$player:@editor-options] Added
[$player.inline_editor_options] Added
[$ansi_utils:color_selector, hr_to_code] Added courtesy of Sinistral@ChatMud
[$string_utils:capitalize_each] Added (also from ChatMud)
[$math_utils:to_percent] Added
[$note_editor:parse_invoke] Modified to check if inline editor is default.
[$verb_editor:parse_invoke] Modified to check if inline editor is default.
[$edit_utils] Various small changes to make it work. Should be fairly obvious from the Git commit.
[#0:core_object_info] Allow proxy_for_core to return lists and ignore its value if it does. Add an extra return argument for 'namespaces'.
[$obj_proto, $int_proto, $str_proto] Include proxy_for_core in the verbs to ignore.
[$wiz:mcd_2] Add namespaces
[#0:init_for_core] Remove class registry
[$mcp:include_for_core] Added.
[$mcp:nominate_for_core, $mcp.registry:nominate_for_core] Removed
[$wiz:mcd_2] Fix a bug where a core object could have already been renumbered before checking its properties.
[$mcp.registry.core_package_names] Removed
[$mcp.status, $mcp.dispatch] Added
[$mcp.registry:init_for_core] Wipe existing packages and re-add any that are left after creating the core.
[#0:do_login_command] Don't remove the player from login name_lookup_players unless a connection was successful.
[#0:user_disconnected] Remove the player from login name_lookup_players if they happen to be there.
[$login:connect] Remove references to $local.mudlist
[$login.welcome_message] Replace LambdaCore with ToastCore
[$help_db["core"]] Mention .argon2
[$object_utils:locations] Use the locations() builtin
[$object_utils:has_callable_verb] If the 'object' is a waif, check its .class for the verb instead.
[#0:lookup] Removed (was part of Composed)
[$player:@eject] Merge LambdaMOO fix: @eject fixed, and spaghetti code disentangled, at the expense of being somewhat more verbose and thus possibly less efficient.
[$time_utils:english_time] Stop trying to calculate enormous numbers.
[$edit_utils:cmd_insert, list_line] Print the line where you are inserting text along with the line prior to the insertion point when using the INSERT command, much like the standard LambdaCore verb editor does.
[$waif.help_msg] Add some verbose waif help.
[$recycler:setup_toad] Change ownership of the object after creation
[$shapes:read_verb] Don't use #0:verb_detail, a remnant left over from Improvise.
[$string_utils:strip_binary] Strip MOO binary sequences from strings.
[$prog:@toaststunt-commits] List recent commits to the ToastStunt server using the GitHub API.
[$ansi_pc:notify] Add a check for the noansi queue and don't terminate_normal if the task is noansi.
[$prog:@list] Add a remove_noansi call.
[$prog:@dump] Add calls to add_noansi and remove_noansi.
[$edit_session] Added.
[$login.boot_process] Removed
[$player:tell_lines] Remove comment about nonstring stats.
[$list_utils:check_nonstring_tell_lines] Removed.
[$list_utils.nonstring_tell_lines] Removed.
[$code_utils:verbname_match(new)] Removed.
[$wiz_utils:show_netwho_listing] Take linelength into account. Remove unused variable. Move connection_hostname call.
[$mail_editor:subscribe] Removed.
[$math_utils.and] Removed.
[$math_utils.xor] Removed.
[$math_utils:AND XOR] Removed.
[$math_utils:OR] Removed.
[$math_utils:pow] Removed.
[$math_utils:sqrt] Removed.
[$string_utils:_toscalar] Add true and false.
[#1:initialize] Add check for ANON.
[$waif:eval_display] Removed.