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ToastStunt is a network accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive system used in the creation of both text-based and web-based experiences. The most common usage is the creation of MUDs (examples include Miriani and ChatMud). ToastStunt is a fork of Stunt, which is a fork of LambdaMOO. It builds upon those projects to add improved performance, modern conveniences, and an improved user experience.

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  • SQLite

  • Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)

  • Argon2id Hashing

  • 64-bit Integers (with the choice to fall back to 32-bit integers; $maxint and $minint set automatically)

  • HAProxy Source IP Rewriting (see notes below if you need to disable this)

  • User friendly traceback error messages

  • Networking improvements:

    • IPv6 connection support
    • Threaded DNS lookups
    • Secure TLS connections in listen() and open_network_connection()
  • Waifs:

    • Call :recycle on waifs when they're destroyed
    • A WAIF type (so typeof(some_waif) == WAIF)
    • Waif dict patch (so waif[x] and waif[x] = y will call the :_index and :_set_index verbs on the waif)
    • '-w' command line option to convert existing databases with a different waif type to the new waif type
    • waif_stats() (show how many instances of each class of waif exist, how many waifs are pending recycling, and how many waifs in total exist)
    • Parser recognition for waif properties (e.g. thing.:property)
  • Basic threading support:

    • (a library, of sorts, to make it easier to thread builtins)
    • Threaded builtins: sqlite_query, sqlite_execute, locate_by_name, sort, argon2, argon2_verify, connection_name_lookup
    • set_thread_mode (an argument of 0 will disable threading for all builtins in the current verb, 1 will re-enable, and no arguments will print the current mode)
    • thread_pool() (database control over the the thread pools)
  • FileIO improvements:

    • Faster reading
    • Open as many files as you want, configurable with FILE_IO_MAX_FILES or $server_options.file_io_max_files
    • file_handles() (returns a list of open files)
    • file_grep() (search for a string in a file (kind of FUP in FIO, don't tell))
    • file_count_lines() (counts the number of lines in a file)
  • Profiling and debugging:

    • finished_tasks() (returns a list of the last X tasks to finish executing, including their total execution time) [see options.h below]
    • Set a maximum lag threshold (can be overridden with $server_options.task_lag_threshold) that, when exceeded, will make a note in the server log and call #0:handle_lagging_task with arguments: {callers, execution time}
    • Include a map of defined variables for stack frames when being passed to handle_uncaught_error, handle_task_timeout, and handle_lagging_task [see options.h below]
    • Optionally capture defined variables for running tasks by providing a true argument to queued_tasks() or a third true argument to task_stack().
  • Telnet:

    • Capture IAC commands and pass them to listener:do_out_of_band_command() for the database to handle.
  • Stunt Improvements:

    • Primitive types:
      • Support calling verbs on an object prototype ($obj_proto) for un-logged-in connection objects.
    • Maps:
      • maphaskey() (check if a key exists in a map)
  • Numerous new configuration options

  • Several new built-in functions

  • Many miscellaneous changes

Build Instructions


apt install build-essential bison gperf cmake libsqlite3-dev libaspell-dev libpcre3-dev nettle-dev g++ libcurl4-openssl-dev libargon2-dev libssl-dev
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
make -j2


emerge dev-db/sqlite app-text/aspell app-dicts/aspell-en app-crypt/argon2 dev-utils/cmake dev-libs/libpcre
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
make -j2


pkg install bison gperf gcc cmake sqlite3 aspell pcre nettle libargon2
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
make -j2


Installing dependencies requires Homebrew.

If using OpenSSL, you may have to export an environment variable before running CMake:

  • Apple Silicon: export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/openssl@3/lib/pkgconfig"
  • Intel: export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/opt/openssl@3/lib/pkgconfig"
brew install pcre aspell nettle cmake openssl argon2
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
make -j2


CMake Build Options

There are a few build options available to developers:

Build Option Effect
Release Optimizations enabled, warnings disabled.
Debug Optimizations disabled, debug enabled.
Warn Optimizations enabled, warnings enabled. (Previous default behavior)
LeakCheck Minimal optimizations enabled, debug enabled, and address sanitizer enabled.

To change the build, use: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=BuildNameHere ../

Login screen not showing

Due to the way proxy detection works, if you're connecting to your MOO from localhost, you won't see the login screen. This is a minor inconvenience and shouldn't affect your ability to actually use your MOO. However, if it bothers you, you can disable HAProxy rewriting:

  1. @prop $server_options.proxy_rewrite 0
  2. ;load_server_options()


A network accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive system for the creation of MOOs / MUDs.







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