Plugin History

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Current History

DevotedMC (Visit us at or join our server at is an aggressive nation building civilization-style Minecraft Server that decided to push an upgrade to Minecraft 1.9. We felt the lack of a realistic anti-xray tool was a huge detriment to all server operators that wanted to upgrade, so Aleksey_Terzi agreed to begin work on updating Orebfuscator.

After several weeks of effort, he was successful, and lishid transferred management of the project over to us, so that we can continue to support this great plugin and give Server Administrators one important additional tool in combating x-ray / ore-finding exploits.

Legacy History

Many people have pointed out that this plugin is just copy of TyrOvC's Ore To Client(OTC) Obfuscation Here's a few problems with OTC that led me to make this project.

  1. Spout non compatible: Although it says spout compatible, it was not updated for latest CraftBukkit My plugin can both run on Spout or without Spout

  2. Modify CraftBukkit.jar: Not a good idea My plugin use extensive overriding in order to access core CraftBukkit methods instead of making modifications to its code. This result in YOU not needing to modify CraftBukkit every time.

  3. CPU intensive: OTC used a lot of CPU and sometimes cause lag My plugin is a complete self-written new algorithm that I have optimized My plugin is multi-threaded, so lag is not an issue

  4. Config wasn't working: I have config problems in many occasions My plugin has many configuration options that are explained in detail (Configuration)

  5. Engine modes are a mess: Some engine modes have more layers than others, etc My plugin have 2 simple engine modes for now, all the other variables are put in the config to be customizable

  6. Disable for Ops doesnt work: It doesnt work My plugin has a permissions based and an OP based Obfuscation disabling mechanism

  7. Closed source: I wanted to propose a few changes and some help in coding. My plugin is hosted on Github, anyone can contribute! Open-Source = instant win!