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👁️ Monitoring software that keeps track of the Lisk network.
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Lisk Argus is a monitoring software that keeps track of the Lisk network.

It utilizes the websocket inter-node communication protocol to query data from all nodes on the network.

Data collected includes:

  • Individual node status
    • Height
    • Version
    • Fork Status
    • Block propagation speed (soon)
  • Delegate status
    • Rank changes
    • Missed blocks
    • Delegate Status changes
      • Stop forging
      • Resume forging
  • Blockchain Status
    • Fork Detection
    • Fork Monitoring - tracking forked chains

How to run

Clone the repository

git clone

Install all the dependencies

npm install or yarn

Update the config file config.json. The default config file is configured to run on the current version of the Lisk betanet.

Run the monitor

npm start or yarn start

Implement own notification adapters

To implement new notification adapters create a class that implements the NotificationAdapter and register it in the NotificationManager

The events are self-explanatory

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