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This is a technology demonstrator for the Lisk (Alpha) SDK. In this repository you find the code for running a Lisk sidechain meant for running Lisk.Bike.

The code is based on @JesusTheHun's work in

At #liskjs2019 we presented the Proof of Concept of Lisk.Bike in Berlin.

Overview: the process flow

Preparing the blockchain

  • dotenv error: do npm install in the file named 'client'

  • make sure that node version 12 is running: nvm use 12

  • pm2 start --name lisk-bike-blockchain-app index.js

  • add to index.js: configDevnet.modules.http_api.access.public = true;

  • run the blockchain: node index.js | npx bunyan -o short

Preparing client

  • in 'tests' edit .env file:
  • TIME error: make sure that the time is sychronised. Check with time with command: date

Preparing lock

  • Charge lock

  • Remove SIM PIN

  • Disable SIM voicemail

  • Send sms to self via SIM

  • Put SIM in lock

  • Send SMS to lock containing 'bladiebla-server-ip'

Now the lock is connected to a server running

Onboarding lock to the Lisk.Bike blockchain

  • Lock sends the 'login' command to server
  • Server creates wallet for lock using ./tests/create-account.js
  • Server registers lock onto the blockchain using ./tests/create-bike.js

Now there's a connection between the lock and the pubkey, in the Lisk blockchain.

1. Create bike account (wallet)

cd tests
node create-account.test.js renter1
node create-account.test.js bike1

Based on account creation, you get an address (pubkey).

Administrator must fund his bike(s).

2. Register bike on the blockchain

First, check the balance of bike1:

node balance.js bike1

Only proceed if bike1 has a balance.

cd tests
node create-bike.test.js bike1

The bike is registered using its pubkey. This is the bikes' bikeId.

The server stores the IMEI & bikeId (= pubkey) in its database. This is how the server knows what bike transactions are related to this IMEI.

Administrators must run their own servers, storing IMEI, BikeID + BikePrivate key for their own bikes

Update GPS location on blockchain

cd tests
node update-bike-location.test.js bike1 lat lon
node update-bike-location.test.js bike1 51.9227954 4.4253305

Every x minutes the server receives the GPS location. // This has changed. Server must actively poll the blockchain every X minutes to check for GPS and lockstatus updates//

The server looks up the account of the lock in its database, based on IMEI. The locks privkey then signs the 'update-bike-location' transaction.

Update lock status on blockchain

If lock opens/closed, the lock sends a command to the server. The server looks up the account of the lock in its database, based on IMEI. The locks privkey then signs the 'update-lock-status' transaction.

  • Lock: Lock opened
  • Lock: Lock closed

Rent + return Bike

1. Get (max 10) bike locations

cd tests
node bike_locations.js

2. Rent bike command

cd tests
node rent-bike.test.js renter1 bike1

Sometimes you get the 'Invalid transaction timestamp. Timestamp is in the future' error.

If this is the case: Try the command again. Mostly the second time works.

3. Return bike

cd tests
node return-bike.test.js renter1 bike1

In Lisk.Bike version 0.1, rental is ended when user locks bike. Lock sends signal to lock-server, then lockserver runs return-bike and rental is ended.

//Check: does lock server also update lockstatus in blockchain?//

In future Lisk.Bike 2.0, it will be possible to reserve a bike, and also lock the bike without automatically ending rental. Besides an automatic lockstatus update in the blockchain when user closes the lock, user must also run returnbike/end-rental command.


allowing user to close and re-open lock without ending rental and starting new rental

User: manually close lock, do not end rental. User: Please open lock command while previous rental active needed.

live demo

Custom transaction demo code JesusTheHun

Blockchain app bartwr

This repo has been fully merged in current repo.


Techonology demonstrator project for the Lisk SDK based on the CommonBike bikesharing platform






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