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;;; -*- Package: de.setf.amqp.implementation; -*-
(in-package :de.setf.amqp.implementation)
(:documentation "This file defines the `amqp-device` class to extend `simple-stream` devices as part of the
'de.setf.amqp' library."
"Copyright 2010 [james anderson]( All Rights Reserved"
"'de.setf.amqp' is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of version 3
of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
'setf.amqp' is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the Affero General Public License for more details.
A copy of the GNU Affero General Public License should be included with 'de.setf.amqp' as `AMQP:agpl.txt`.
If not, see the GNU [site]("))
(defclass amqp-device (dual-channel-simple-stream)
:initform (error "initialization argument required: uri")
:initarg :uri
:reader device-uri
:writer setf-device-uri)
:initform 0
:accessor device-body-position)
:initform 0
:accessor device-body-length)
:initform 0
:accessor device-frame-position
:documentation "Counts the byte offset of the beginning of the current frame in the
content stream. It is reset to zero by device-read/write-content and incremented for
each successively completed frame. It combines as the base offset with buffpos
to yield the device-file-position and therby also the stream-position.")
:accessor device-free-input-frames
:type locked-stack
:documentation "This stack resources frames to be used to
read data from the device. It is shared directly by a connection and
all of its channels.")
:accessor device-free-output-frames
:type locked-stack
:documentation "This stack resources frames to be used to
write data to the device. It is shared directly by a connection and
all of its channels.")
:accessor device-read-frames
:type locked-queue
:documentation "This queue buffers frames which have been read from a
device, but not yet processed by the respective channel or (for channel 0)
by the connection.")
:accessor device-encoded-frames
:type locked-queue
:documentation "This stack resources frames to be used to
read data from the device. It is shared directly by a connection and
all of its channels.")
:initarg :content-type
:reader device-content-type :writer setf-device-content-type
:type mime:*/*
:documentation "Specifies the encoding type for character-oriented stream
operations. The publish, deliver, and get operations consult it to determine
which encoding filter to install. (See (setf channel-content-type).)")
:initarg :element-type
:accessor device-element-type
:documentation "A type specifier which indicates what objects may be read
from or written to the stream. The type determine how device-read-content-body
processes delivered content. In addition to character and integer, which
are treated as equivalent to string and vector with respect to a complete body,
the types stream and list return the stream and read an s-expression. any other
type is to be encoded as an instantiation form.")
:type function
:reader device-encoder :writer setf-device-encoder
:documentation "Optionally binds a function which is then used to encode
character values for output to the device.")
:type function
:reader device-decoder :writer setf-device-decoder
:documentation "Optionally binds a function which is then used to decode
character values from input from the device.")
:initform nil
:accessor device-state)
:initform (make-array 32 :element-type 'character :fill-pointer 0 :adjustable t)
:reader stream-line-buffer)
:initform :eof :initarg :eof-marker
:accessor stream-eof-marker)
:initform #\newline :initarg :eol-marker
:accessor stream-eol-marker))
:element-type 'character
:content-type mime:text/plain ))
(defclass amqp-connection-device (amqp-device)
(defclass amqp-socket-device (amqp-device)
:initform nil
:reader device-socket)))
(defmethod shared-initialize ((instance amqp-device) (slots t) &rest initargs
&key (content-type nil ct-s))
(declare (dynamic-extent initargs))
;; coerce and set the type, and pass it to any other initializers
(if ct-s
(apply #'call-next-method instance slots
:content-type (setf (device-content-type instance) content-type)
(defgeneric (setf device-content-type) (type device)
(:method ((type mime:*/*) (device amqp-device))
(setf-device-content-type type device)
(slot-makunbound device 'decoder)
(slot-makunbound device 'encoder)
(update-device-codecs device type)
(:method ((type t) (device amqp-device))
(setf (device-content-type device) (mime:mime-type type))))
(defmethod update-device-codecs ((device amqp-device) (type mime:*/*))
(multiple-value-bind (decoder encoder)
(compute-charset-codecs (device-content-type device))
(unless (slot-boundp device 'decoder)
(setf-device-decoder decoder device))
(unless (slot-boundp device 'encoder)
(setf-device-encoder encoder device)))
(defmethod update-device-codecs ((device amqp-device) (type mime:application/octet-stream))
"given a binary content type, set the codecs to byte-identity - but note they will fail
for any callers which expect characters."
(flet ((get-unsigned-byte (get-byte destination)
(funcall get-byte destination))
(put-unsigned-byte (byte put-byte destination)
(funcall put-byte destination byte)))
(setf-device-decoder #'get-unsigned-byte device)
(setf-device-encoder #'put-unsigned-byte device)
(defmethod mime-type-charset ((device amqp-device))
"Given a device, delegate to the content-type."
(mime-type-charset (device-content-type device)))
(defmethod mime:mime-type ((device amqp-device) &rest args)
(declare (dynamic-extent args) (ignore args))
(device-content-type device))
(defmethod device-initialize-input-buffer ((instance amqp-device))
(with-slots (buffer buffpos buffer-ptr buf-len) instance
;; claim a frame to get the size right and confiscate it's buffer
(let ((frame (claim-input-frame instance)))
(setf buffer (frame-data frame) ; don't give it back
buffpos 0
buffer-ptr 0
buf-len (length buffer)))))
(defmethod device-initialize-output-buffer ((instance amqp-device))
(with-slots (out-buffer max-out-pos outpos) instance
;; claim a frame to get the size right and confiscate it's buffer
(let ((frame (claim-output-frame instance)))
(setf out-buffer (frame-data frame) ; don't give it back
outpos 0
max-out-pos (length out-buffer)))))
(defmethod device-initialize-buffers ((instance amqp-device))
(device-initialize-output-buffer instance)
(device-initialize-input-buffer instance))
(defmethod device-reset-buffers ((device amqp-device))
(with-slots (buffer buffpos buffer-ptr buf-len
out-buffer max-out-pos outpos
position length pending) device
(setf buffer nil
buffpos 0
buffer-ptr 0
buf-len 0
pending nil
max-out-pos 0
out-buffer nil
outpos 0)))
(defmethod device-open ((device amqp-device) #-sbcl (slots t) (options t))
(device-reset-buffers device)
#+sbcl ;; set up the cached i/o functions
(with-stream-class (amqp-device device)
(add-stream-instance-flags device :dual :simple :input :output)
(install-amqp-device-strategy device))
(defmethod device-close ((device amqp-device) (abort t))
(unless (eq (stream-external-format device) :void)
(ignore-errors (if abort
(clear-output device)
(finish-output device)))
(when (next-method-p) (call-next-method))
(setf (stream-external-format device) :void)))
(defmethod device-file-position ((device amqp-device))
"Add together the current frame offset and frame buffer position to return the
effective position since the last call to device-read-content-body"
(with-slots (outpos buffpos) device
(+ (device-frame-position device)
(typecase (device-state device)
(amqp.s:output outpos)
(amqp.s:input buffpos)
(t 0)))))
(defmethod (setf device-file-position) (position (device amqp-device))
(declare (ignore position))
(defmethod device-close ((device amqp-connection-device) (abort t))
(setf (stream-input-handle device) nil)
(setf (stream-output-handle device) nil))
(defgeneric device-listen (device)
(:method ((device amqp-connection-device))
(when (stream-input-handle device)
(device-listen (stream-input-handle device))))
(:method ((device amqp-socket-device))
(when (stream-input-handle device)
(listen (stream-input-handle device)))))
(defmethod device-open ((device amqp-socket-device) #-sbcl (slots t) options)
(if (or (stream-input-handle device)
(stream-output-handle device))
(flet ((argument-error ()
(error "device-open on ~S requires :remote-host and :remote-port arguments"
(type-of device))))
(destructuring-bind (&key (remote-host (argument-error))
(remote-port (argument-error))
(direction :io)
(assert (member direction '(:probe :io)) ()
"Invalid diection: ~s." direction)
(when (call-next-method)
(let ((opened-socket (usocket:socket-connect remote-host
:element-type 'unsigned-byte)))
(ecase direction
(setf (device-socket device) opened-socket)
(ccl:terminate-when-unreachable device))
(usocket:socket-close opened-socket))))
(defmethod device-close ((device amqp-socket-device) (abort t))
(when (device-socket device)
(usocket:socket-close (device-socket device))
(setf (device-socket device) nil))
(ccl:cancel-terminate-when-unreachable device))
(defmethod (setf device-socket) ((socket null) (device amqp-socket-device))
(setf (slot-value device 'socket) nil)
(setf (stream-input-handle device) nil)
(setf (stream-output-handle device) nil))
(defmethod (setf device-socket) ((socket usocket:stream-usocket) (device amqp-socket-device))
(setf (slot-value device 'socket) socket)
(setf (stream-input-handle device) (usocket:socket-stream socket))
(setf (stream-output-handle device) (usocket:socket-stream socket)))
(defmethod terminate ((object simple-stream))
;; double-check for incompletely closed channels etc.
(typecase (device-state object)
(amqp.s:close )
(device-close object t))))
(when (fboundp 'stream-close)
(defmethod stream-close ((stream amqp-device))
(when (next-method-p) (call-next-method))
(device-close stream nil)))
;;; simple stream i/o strategies to be cached in the device instance
(defun amqp-j-read-char (device eof-error-p eof-value blocking)
(when (or blocking (stream-listen device))
(with-slots (decoder last-char-read-size buffpos) device
(flet ((buffer-extract-byte (stream)
(with-slots (buffer buffpos buffer-ptr body-position body-length) stream
(when (or (< buffpos buffer-ptr)
(and (not (minusp buffer-ptr))
; resets buff-pos / renews buffer content unless eof
(plusp (device-read stream nil 0 nil t))))
(incf body-position)
(prog1 (aref buffer buffpos)
(incf buffpos))))))
(let ((start-buffpos buffpos)
(char (funcall decoder #'buffer-extract-byte device)))
(cond (char
(setf last-char-read-size (- buffpos start-buffpos))
(error 'end-of-file :stream device))
(defun amqp-j-read-chars (device sequence search start end blocking)
"like stream-read-sequence, but terminate on match, exclusive of match"
(when (or blocking (stream-listen device))
(setf end (or end (length sequence)))
(with-slots (decoder last-char-read-size buffpos) device
(flet ((buffer-extract-byte (stream)
(with-slots (buffer buffpos buffer-ptr body-position) stream
(when (or (< buffpos buffer-ptr)
(and (not (minusp buffer-ptr))
; resets buff-pos / buffer content unless eof
(plusp (device-read stream nil 0 nil t))))
(prog1 (aref buffer buffpos)
(incf body-position)
(incf buffpos))))))
(if (> end start)
(let ((i start)
(start-buffpos buffpos)
(char #\null))
(loop (when (>= i end)
(return (values (- i start) nil)))
(unless (setf char (funcall decoder #'buffer-extract-byte device))
(return (values (- i start) :eof)))
(setf last-char-read-size (- buffpos start-buffpos))
(setf start-buffpos buffpos)
(when (eql char search)
(return (values (- i start) t)))
(setf (char sequence i) char)
(incf i)))
(defun amqp-j-unread-char (stream char)
(with-slots (buffpos body-position buffer) stream
(let ((old-decoder (device-decoder stream)))
(flet ((unread-decoder (byte-decoder stream)
(declare (ignore byte-decoder))
(with-slots (buffpos body-position) stream
(setf-device-decoder old-decoder stream)
(incf body-position)
(incf buffpos)
(decf body-position)
(decf buffpos)
(setf char (code-char (aref buffer buffpos)))
(setf-device-decoder #'unread-decoder stream)
(defun amqp-j-write-char (character stream)
(amqp-stream-write-char stream character))
(defun amqp-j-write-chars (string stream start end)
(amqp-stream-write-string stream string start end))
(defun amqp-j-listen (stream)
(stream-listen (stream-input-handle stream)))
(defun install-amqp-device-strategy (device)
;; no attention to external format, as that is handled based on
;; messag header and/or individual publish request
(sb-simple-streams::with-stream-class (amqp-device device)
(setf (sm sb-simple-streams::j-read-char device) #'amqp-j-read-char
(sm sb-simple-streams::j-read-chars device) #'amqp-j-read-chars
;; bad stack overflow !
;; (sm sb-simple-streams::j-unread-char device) #'sb-simple-streams::%unread-char
(sm sb-simple-streams::j-unread-char device) #'amqp-j-unread-char
(sm sb-simple-streams::j-write-char device) #'amqp-j-write-char
(sm sb-simple-streams::j-write-chars device) #'amqp-j-write-chars
(sm sb-simple-streams::j-listen device) #'amqp-j-listen)))